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    Regardless of outcome of this project, this would be a great behind the scenes documentary to watch on netflix.
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    Yes, they're doing air shipping. People are losing there **** over it too. Kinda funny.
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    Has anyone bought the Russian version mentioned back in Sept? Looks mighty rough compared to the brewie...
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    Hop vine die off

    Do aphids only attack the leaves? or do they suck on portions of roots or rhizomes? I am also having problems with bine and burr die off this year.
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    Gorst valley midwest hop production workshop- South central WI

    Anybody in this forum attend the march workshop? Is it worth the time and money? I'm just a hobbyist but I am interested in learning more about growing hops...not necessarily for production $$$.
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    Starter won't stop boiling over!

    watch very closely or use fermcap-s, it will prevent any boil overs.
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    New Water Chemistry Calculator

    Bah humbug! My water is worthless. No matter how I jigger with it, it's still crud. Stouts and porters are what I'm stuck with. Alkalinity is off the charts high (~392ppm by HC03)
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    New Water Chemistry Calculator

    Nice site. Thanks. What's the target profile for a IIPA? Do I just use "custom target" and enter the ideal water profile for that style?...then compare with water that I'm using?
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    late sugaring?

    Is there a name for the practice of adding sugar(corn/cane) to ferment after the yeast are mostly done with the maltose? I've been looking for this subject in the forum but don't know what to use for search term to get results. As always, please be gentle...I bruise easily.
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    Viking Brewing Company

    Tried there Big Swede at the Festivale thing at High noon saloon. Big, big balls on that sucka! Need to serve that in a brandy sniffer while enjoying slowly in front of a fire.
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    Harvest has started

    My cascades are not ready yet. The aroma just isn't there. But a single 2 year old brewers gold gave up nearly 2#'s wet today...ya!
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    got an extra 10 acres!!!!

    Hey, I got 14 different varieties of hops growing in Verona...not far from columbus. Maybe I could help out with some 'zomes at some time in the future.
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    got an extra 10 acres!!!!

    small scale and organic hop production. Stumbled upon this a while back....
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    What books are you guys/girls reading?

    Just finished: Currently reading: Soon to be reading:
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    Growing Hops in the shade

    Willamette does not do great in shade. It survives, threw out 3 bines in it's 2nd year, low cone yield, but better than last year, none. I estimate about 3 hours of direct sunlight, 9am to about 12.
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    What are these worms eating the cones?

    Ha! Hope they leave something for da beer!
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    Great Taste of the Midwest - Madison, WI

    I'm in...................
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    Something I've never seen (Male Hop Parts)

    heres some of the "boys" I found with my girls.... [/IMG] ...cascade by the way.
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    What are these worms eating the cones?

    I sprayed with combo tobacco tea, soap mixture to kill/deter any further infestation into cones. Will spray again next weekend cuz it rained today for the first time in 4 weeks...I should have sprayed a couple weeks ago to get it to rain, ha!
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    Little green bastards attacking my cones

    Is this what they look like? [/IMG] ...and is this what they do to you hop cones? [/IMG] [/IMG]