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    Why do people Quit brewing?

    I'm not ready to say officially that "I have quit brewing", but it's been 2 years now since I made a batch and I don't see myself brewing again in the foreseeable future. For me it has all boiled down to time and the trade offs of the time it takes to brew versus what I can do with that time in...
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    Hello from North Carolina!

    Greetings and salutations from a fellow NC brewer. Welcome to the community.
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    Hello from Raleigh, NC

    I second that. Atlantic brew supply is the best! Welcome to hbt.
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    Kveik will definitely ferment in cold temps... Now I have a dilemma.

    Yeah they would definitely ship it, it's just expensive to ship 1 pack of liquid yeast. I prefer to spread the cost across a couple of batches worth of ingredients and get reduced or sometimes free shipping. I'm not going to be brewing for quite a while now, so don't want to order more...
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    Kveik will definitely ferment in cold temps... Now I have a dilemma.

    Thanks @Miraculix . The yeast cake is Wyeast 1056 American ale.
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    Kveik will definitely ferment in cold temps... Now I have a dilemma.

    My lbhs is a 2.5 hour drive each way, so when I shop there I usually get the ingredients for a couple of batches at a time. So a little over a month and a half ago I ordered 2 batches of ingredients. When I got them home I noticed the pack of hornindal kveik yeast I bought was pretty full of...
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome! from another NC guy. It sounds like you are pretty well sucked into the obsession. Happy brewing!
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    Who Enjoys Legos?

    That is a fantastic show. I took my son to see it a few years ago and it was pretty incredible! He and I are both long time fanatics. We had to slow down our collecting a while back for lack of storage space and I was starting to get concerned about the structural integrity of my house under...
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    Welcome to HBT and the obsession!
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    North Carolina Home brew shops in southeastern NC?

    I live near Wilmington and the nearest good shop is Atlantic brew supply in Raleigh. They are family owned and are a great online option with friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff. They sell grains and hops by the ounce and in larger quantities and have a pretty good equipment selection as...
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    First brew plans

    Extract versus all grain to me is about control and time management. You can make GREAT beer with extract. There have been many medals won at NHC with extract recipes. With extract some of the work of making the wort has been done for you so it is a little easier and takes a little less time...
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    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2023

    3.5G American wheat ale 923 + 3.5 = 926.5
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    Newbie in NC

    Welcome from another NC guy.
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    I was washing it after taking my og reading and the stem just snapped in my hand. It was really a game day hydrometer. I have dropped it a couple of times and it has even rolled off the kitchen table with no damage. At least no visible damage. ;) "sigh" guess the old boy lived a good life. :mug:
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    Well, I guess I'm officially a homebrewer now. I finally broke my first hydrometer. It was the same one that came in my starter kit that I bought back in 2016. I guess 7 years is a good life for a hydrometer though. Good thing I got my readings done before I broke it today, my LHBS is 3 hours...
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    Adjunct for Cold IPA?

    There was a pretty good article about cold IPA in the Jan/Feb issue of zymurgy. Might be a good read for you
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    All Grain Equipment? Where to buy?

    I would also look at electric all in one systems. They range from the very simple to the much more elaborate, prices vary accordingly. But I really can't say enough good things about them.
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    Recirculating with Brewers Edge Mash&Boil

    @SaisonMan I recirculate about 1G every 15 minutes during the mash. I also give the grain a good stir every 15 minutes as well. Cheers!
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    Considering brewing my first barleywine and doing my first partygyle at the same time... Questions

    Thanks for the reply. My thought is to make 2 separate beers, so option 2 from your response. What is your new day like when you go this route?
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    Considering brewing my first barleywine and doing my first partygyle at the same time... Questions

    So I have gotten a wild hair to brew my first barleywine. I have chosen an NHC medal winning recipe for the attempt, so I don't have to think about recipe creation. I have attached a copy of the recipe below. So far my strongest beer has been about 7.5% abv. That beer went well and was very...