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    Hard Lemonade

    1. Yes, this is the "must" that you will use for a starter. 2. O2 = Oxygen. A stir plate is used for constantly stirring a starter, aiding in aeration. You don't have to have either. 3. I just made this a few weeks ago. I added 2 EC1118 packs to a 1/2 cup warm water and let hydrate, then added...
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    Hard Lemonade

    Yooper is the BOMB, but when I started I was a little confused. I took some notes, and basically stepped out Yoops directions .
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    Hard Lemonade

    Just finished testing my latest batch.. Yummmy ! Finish by adding 2 1/3# sugar 1 can concentrate Juice from 4 fresh lemons. Perfect!
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    New White Labs Strain - 670 Farmhouse Blend

    FYI I emailed White Labs, inquiring about the Brett strain. "I'm sorry, but we cannot release that information as it is considered proprietary" Anyone have results on this yet?
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    Making hard lemonade

    Goldiggie, you mentioned using Potassium Carbonate to raise the pH, but unless I missed it, didn't see what you raised it to. I'd imagine around 5.2-5.4 or so? Why the potassium carbonate over slaked lime or baking soda ?
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    Hard lemonade question

    This will finish up in a couple of weeks. 3 tops.
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    Hard lemonade question

    So I've done about 5 batches of this so far. My super easy way - 5 gal batch 10 Cans Minutemade 2# cane sugar, into syrup 4 tsp yeast nutrient 2 tsp yeast engerizer 4 crushed campden tablets Mix the above with water to make 5 gal. Pull off about 2 qts. (this is a 1.070) With a cup of warm...
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    Advice for All-Electric CIP (post-brew)?

    yeah, that sounds about right. Good plan
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    Using the Force Carbonation Chart

    Link for one of these? Cheapest I've seen is NB @ $93 :eek:
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    Dumb Question Re: RO Water

    I have been filling my 5gal jugs at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood market. After I bought the jugs, they were $1.37 a 5g fill. I use this to cut the hardness of my local water, but not on every brew (mostly the very light Pilsners). For instance, I am doing a Vienna today and not using any RO...
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    Dry-hopping a Pilsener

    Maybe just use a Hop Tea.
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    Threaded diffusion stone

    I'll grab a shot tonight and post it. Basically, my 1/4" tube goes through one of these . I also have a Dwyer flow meter to set the level right.
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    Threaded diffusion stone

    I never found one either. What I did was to use a Swagelok fitting, fit a piece of tubing through there with an o-ring instead of the ferrul. works great. I've thought of coming up with something QD, maybe a camlok fitting or something.
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    natural carbonation without priming

    I would add that if you are planning on harvesting the yeast, the increased pressure may damage the cell walls. I typically will keep it at 7psi until it is within a point of so of being done, then I'll let it run up to 15 psi. The rest I do force carbed. It really is amazing the...
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    Dead mouse in carboy, would you use it?

    Can't believe the perfect name was missed "Three Drunk Mice"
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    Racking from a Conical?

    what your need is a Spunding Valve on the receiving corny. When I do this, I purge the corny to about 5psi, then do a pressurized transfer - try to match the rates of CO2 into the fermenter and the spunding valve. Fill via the "Out" port to reduce foaming. Since I've been doing 10g batches...
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    Racking from a Conical?

    One thing to note - if your going to do this, you might want to have a HEPA filter on that blowoff tube and take it out of the blowoff :) It will create a vacuum in there. I'm no expert on this, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.
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    My first pilsner - advice needed on water chemistry
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    My first pilsner - advice needed on water chemistry

    You can also let the water stand for ~24 hours, or boil it for 15 minutes.