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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    Just brewed up another batch of this a couple of days ago. Used a whole pineapple rather than weigh it out this time. Had a fireball cider in the pineapple mug. Felt quite tropical for a 35f morning.
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    That was a great festival. My first time going. What beer did you bring this year.
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    That was my take in this recipe. I take kegs out to Pantherfanz tailgates. A couple years ago I started bringing beers out to Pantherfanz tailgates. One of the founders liked a beer I brought so much he asked me where he could buy it. I named it Dano's Destruction...
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    North Carolina Winston-Salem/Greensboro

    Winston Salem Wort Hawgs is the local homebrew club. They meet the first Monday each month downtown at Foothills Brewery 6:30 or 7:00PM. They give us a private room and allow tasting of what we bring.
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    No-Boil Recipes! New for 2019!

    We drank the keg and my wife liked it so that's a success. It was a nice Amber with a grapefruit finish
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    Is there a need to boil extract?

    I wanted to get a batch in the fermenter as fast as possible before going out of town. I sanitized the crap out of my fermenter, ran 6 gallons of cold water from the bathtub and stirred in 6 lbs of Amber DME. On the stove I boiled about 3 oz of cascade, centennial and Amarillo hop pellets I...
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    Upright keezer with taps inside

    I have it running on an inkbird controller set at 35f now. I get condensation but no ice. It's outside in my carport so real humid air. Probably need to put a heat source in there this winter. Thanks for the input.
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    Upright keezer with taps inside

    Anyone seen this done before. I have plenty of room for kegs below the shelf in this freezer I am considering putting plywood on the middle shelf and mounting taps to that inside the freezer. That way no holes need to be drilled in my freezer. Any potential problems y'all might see? First...
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    No-Boil Recipes! New for 2019!

    Gave this process a try as PianoMan originally posted. Dissolved 6 lbs of Amber DME into 5 gallons of water. Added about an ounce each of Amarillo, Cascade and 1/2 oz of Simcoe into about a gallon of boiling water with half a cup of brown sugar. Boiled for about 10 minutes and let simmer on low...
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    Why spend $$ on custom BIAB bag?

    I found a local alteration shop that sewed me a couple of bags for $12.00. I cut the fabric to taper at the bottom to drain cleaner. Paid less than 5.00 for the fabric. The scraps work well tied around my racking cane as a filter when I siphon the beer out of my fermentors as well.
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    First All Grain with a BIAB

    I would start with 6 gallons and sparge with 2. With grain absorption and boil off that should net around 5.5 gallons of Wort.
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    First All Grain with a BIAB

    When mashing in the kettle I believe its a good idea to use as much water as you can initially. The more water you have the easier it is to hold mash temp. I use the "can I mash it" calculator posted above get within a couple of inches to the top. Last brew I tried something different. I...
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    10 gal BIAB in a keggle?

    I have done many 5 gallon batches BIAB and a couple of 9 gallon ones with more than 20 lbs of grain. Its really not that hard to lift the bag. You just need something to set it on to drain. Buy a new grill grate to slide under the bag once you get it out. Maybe I am stronger than you but I have...
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    Which Brew Pot would you choose?

    I paid less than $40 for my cheap aluminum thin walled 13 gallon kettle. I could buy 3 for what the others listed above cost should it fail. Thinner boils faster. If I spring a leak soon then I screwed up. My bet is it will work fine for at least 5 years. If that happens I am well ahead of the...
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    Kettle Sizes For New AG Brewer

    Do you have a seafood strainer with that 7.5 gallon pot? You could get a taste of all grain brewing with a 5 gallon paint strainer bag. 7.5 gallons is perfect for 4 gallon batches. I brewed 15 or so batches like that before spending $40 on a 13 gallon pot.
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    Sanitation Experiment

    Damn. That's no fun. Guess I will have to shake it up and leave it in the sun to screw it up.
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    Home Made Wort Chiller

    I just wondered which would be more efficient. Ice will probably be necessary if you want to chill to lager temps or live in the south where ground water runs 80+. You will not chill lower than your water temp in the coil.
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    Home Made Wort Chiller

    I wonder. What would be a more efficient use of 50 ft of copper, one 50 ft chiller or two 25 foot chillers connected in series with the first one sitting in an ice bath and the second in the wort.
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    Sanitation Experiment

    I was bottling up my Yooper DFH60 clone, sipping on my hydrometer sample when only about 1/2 the bottle got filled. I stuck a funnel in the bottle and dumped what the dip tube didn't pick up in there. That got me about 3/4 full. Topped it off with the hydrometer sample and capped it. I stuck...
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    Brew in a bag

    While a larger vessel is preferred you can get just under 3 gallons of water to fit in a 5 gallon bucket with 26lbs of grain. If he mashes in with 12 gallons that will get him close to his preboil volume. Might need to batch sparge twice in the bucket but it can be done especially if it has...