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    Aerating step fed honey mead

    Yeah... I way over shot the last honey addition.. Should probably start using a scale. Theoretically it would be a dwojniak, but I was anticipating the FG to end around 1.035, which would put it around 20-21%. Yeast are probably pissed. As it stands right now, not much has happened over the...
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    Aerating step fed honey mead

    I've been working on making a holly sack mead with 1 gal of water to 1 gal of honey. I've been feeding it 1/3 gal of honey at 1/3 and 2/3 sugar breaks, more or less, and just added my last ~1/3 gal of honey. I've read that its not ideal to continue aerating after 2/3 sugar break, but I'm not...
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    my first cyser (just poured)
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    Killing yeast?

    I'm trying to do a "quick" mead and backsweeten it with more honey at bottling. The mead has been sitting for about 2 months now, and I've racked off the cake twice now. I'm not worried about clarity so much, since the added honey is going to make it hazy anyways. I'm not sure if I want to...
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    What's the most expensive beer you've seen or drank?

    I routinely pay $20 for 25.4 oz format bottles. seems to be the going price for most special releases :rolleyes: I wont buy any beer that has a higher than 1$/oz price point, though I've had utopia.
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    Ferm temps in the south. (FL)

    use saison yeast :fro:
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    Avery homebrew recipes

    9oz of dry hops for maharaja!?
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    Bikes and beer!

    mmmm. Beer: pretty much any rye pale ale. (Founders Red's rye, namely) Bikes: Bridgestone MB-4 (for commuting) Cannonondale SR600 (for fun)
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I hear this almost daily.
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Overheard this gem of information, "The difference between an IPA and a red is that the hops are cooked longer in the red than they are in the IPA" .............. :fro:
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    Plastic coopers bottles

    The pH of sours are generally much lower than your average beer though, and sours can require extensive bottle conditioning. I'm just saying that I PERSONALLY would not use plastic bottles for that type of beer, nor would I want to extensively age a beer in plastic. Normal beers with normal...
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    Plastic coopers bottles

    I'm sure they could be used... but I dont think I would want to age an acidic beer like that (or any beer for that matter) in a plastic bottle.
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    Rye ipa recipe critique

    what about bumping citra and legacy from 10 to 15 and the 1 minutes to 5 minutes and just forgoing the 1 minute addition and the 5 minute nugget since I'm dry hopping with 3 ounces?
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    Rye ipa recipe critique

    What do you guys not like about nugget/ galena as a late hop specifically? Is it too dominating? I was hoping the galena and legacy would work well together to provide a black currant-y flavor and the citra would add more tropical flavor/ aroma. Also, will this amount of c60 provide enough...
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    Rye ipa recipe critique

    what about bumping the 10 minute additions to 15?
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    Rye ipa recipe critique

    looking for some input on a rye ipa recipe I just threw together. 8 lb 2 row 2 lb rye malt 1 lb vienna 1/2 lb crystal 60 Hop schedule: 1 oz nugget @ 60 1 oz citra @ 10 1 oz legacy @ 10 1 oz nugget @ 5 2 oz legacy @ 1 1 oz nugget @ 1 1 oz citra @ dry hop (7 days) 1 oz legacy @...
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    Sand like substance / texture in bottle of imperial stout

    Could be just a few that didnt get washed well enough, I dont know. Just a guess.
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    Sand like substance / texture in bottle of imperial stout

    Did you use an oxygen based cleaner like oxyclean to wash your bottles out? If so, you probably didn't rinse them well enough afterwards and you are seeing the powdery remnants left on/in the bottle.