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    OxyClean Rocks

    I'm pretty sure I have a bleach or an oxyclean mixture in keg right now that been sitting for well over 3 months. I'll let you guys know what damage it's sustained...if any. If it is wrecked, I'll mark it down with the carboys I've broken, and the 3 piece air-locks I've discovered have a...
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    Mead Infection?

    This is 5 gallons that was racked off of 15 gallons I made 6 months ago: I mistook the white frothy stuff for infection once already, but this junk definitely looks like mold as it's a blue/green color. No fruit or anything was added to this batch.
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    Mead Infection?

    Haven't done anything... Thought it would be best to ask for advice before trying anything. This was my first thought, but I wanted to ask before I did anything. I'll sanitize a new carboy and re-rack it leaving behind any junk. I'll also sample it to see if there are any bad off...
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    Sorbate in Blueberries?

    Thanks for both of your replies... I put a heater by the carboys and they both kicked off and started to ferment fine! I have no idea why I had back pressure on the airlock like this.
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    Mead Infection?

    Well now I definitely have an infection... I racked it to a 5 gallon container and backpressure apparently pulled in mold along with the vodka I had in the airlock. Any ideas what I should do now... Highres Pictures:
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    Sticky: FAQ: Gold Pots for Boil Kettles?

    Well I had fun writing it... :D I liked it! I just find the FAQ stuff a bit amusing... BTW I have an aluminum pot, but unfortunately no gold ones yet.
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    multiple regulators

    The link you posted shows very expensive and cheaply made regulators (aka Chinese junk)... I would really recommend not buying them, especially at the prices listed.
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    Sorbate in Blueberries?

    I broke down my 15 gallon batch of mead into 3 five gallon carboys ( One carboy is plain mead with a bit of additional honey, the other one is mixed Blueberries and Blackberries, and the final one is mixed Raspberries and Blackberries...
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    SCORE! 13gallon fermenters!

    PYREX® 45.5L Solution Bottle with Tooled Neck (Product #1595-12) These 45.5L (12 gallon) PYREX® solution bottles are similar in shape to a carboy. Case List Price: $613.96 <---Seems like one comes to a case Sounds like you could sell them to someone else at a higher price... Then again maybe...
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    Low Pressure 60,000 BTUs Propane Burner

    Can you buy new tips to convert a LP burner to NG or vice versa then? From the grilling FAQ's I've read they don't mess with the burners jets in a LP to NG conversion, but just modify the inlet orifice:
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    Low Pressure 60,000 BTUs Propane Burner

    Is there really a difference between NG and LP burners?
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    Pressure cooker really necessary?

    I agree, but still if you want a devils advocate:
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    lets talk air-locks

    Can you ferment under pressure?
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    Sticky: FAQ: Gold Pots for Boil Kettles?

    The 'gold vs. stainless steel' (SS) pot debate pops up rarely, and given that we tend to see lots of new homebrewers enter the hobby shortly after Christmas, perhaps it is timely to post an FAQ on the subject. Q: Is an gold pot OK for a boiling kettle in homebrewing? My LHBS only recommends...
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    Woot! Freebie Ranco + Fridge Score

    Do you work for I like the wood paneling! :mug:
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    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    I'm not sure if I should be repulsed or stupefied at this...being a semi-youngster and all. (Although I have an awful lot of dental work) From what I've read, denture cleaners contain ingredients like perborate (Borax) bleach (Hypochlorite) or Persulfate (Sulfur) as active ingredients...
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    Safety of Using Propane Burner Indoors

    Well I suppose it's better than nothing. My father used to keep a M17 gas mask by the fire extinguisher. Lack of oxygen trumps everything other than a full breathing apparatus mind you.
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    Low Pressure 60,000 BTUs Propane Burner

    Take it this wouldn't be an adequite replacement?
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    Pressure cooker really necessary?

    You might think so, but some of these bacteria make cockroaches look like wimps. 9n7Z3sPrsAE
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    Steam sanitize?

    From Wikipedia: Steam sterilization A widely-used method for heat sterilization is the autoclave. Autoclaves commonly use steam heated to 121 °C or 134 °C (~270+ degrees Fahrenheit). To achieve sterility a holding time of at least 15 minutes at 121 °C or 3 minutes at 134 °C is required. As...