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    Parts list for gas controller

    I was looking more at this Gas PID Control Panel, 3 gas I am not sure what parts I would need to complete the system, however.
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    Parts list for gas controller

    Hello, I was looking at the control panels on ebrewsupply and since this is all new to me, I was curious if anyone could supply a parts list for me. I currently have a 2 burner stand with 20 gallon HLT and BK with the Ss 20 gallon InfuSsion MT. The large HERMS from Blichmann is mounted in the...
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    Electric Brewing Supply reviews

    Bringing this topic back since it has been inactive since 2015. I’ve been looking into going electric and have spoken with Ryan via email a few times. Any recent reviews/comments on ebrewsupply’s equipment, and if it is about the 360 panels, all the better.
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    Fermentrack integration with Brewers Friend??

    So, a complete newb to Raspberry Pi and computer/IT programming is way over my head (i.e. - have no clue what <API> key is). With that in mind, I finally got my TILT set up on the SD card completed and a water test in the kitchen was confirmed that everything is working. My question is, is there...
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    Timing for pitching yeast???

    Scenario: You began brew day and wort is in the BK. You realize you don’t have the yeast you wanted, but you have starters in the fridge. You decide to dump the wort in the fermenter, which has cooled to around 150 degrees after whirlpool, with said fermenter sitting in your fermentation chamber...
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    Win Free Yeast for a Year

    Entered. Love this yeast!
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    spincycle whirlpool arm length for Sanke keg

    My kettles have the submersible version of the spincycle whirlpool at Bobby’s recommendation. Not only can you install them wherever you want them, but Bobby also said they have a little better flow rate than the drop down version. I installed one in my BK (for whirlpooling) and one in my HLT to...
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    Selecting a Brew Pump 101

    I went with the MKII’s on my 3V single tier stand after considering all of the pumps out there. A YouTube video I saw actually steered me from the RipTide making a claim that there are no markings anywhere regarding being UL compliant. I don’t know if this is true, but I wasn’t willing to put...
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    Mead making equipment

    Looking to make some mead after a buddy gave me a glass of some he and his brew friends made. What is a good list of needed equipment to start my first batch?
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    Calculating PBW ounces to Tablespoons

    My search to find out how many Tablespoons vs. Ounces of PBW rendered many DIFFERENT conclusions. So, I went out and bought a digital scale to figure out the answer. However, my results are not close enough to everything I’ve read, so I’ll open this up here for discussion. The scale I bought...