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    Festbier Oktoberfest (1st place, scored 42)

    What effect do you think yeast selection has on this recipe? I already have some 2206 (Bavarian Lager) in my yeast bank and was wondering if subbing in that would be much of a difference?
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    To RE-USE or NOT RE-USE yeast slurry from "stalled" batch?

    I find an extract potential % for Dark Munich to be 80-83 and Light Munich to be 78-83. Seems pretty close to me, not enough to be the cause of your low gravity issues.
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    To RE-USE or NOT RE-USE yeast slurry from "stalled" batch?

    General rule would be that if the yeast didn't perform the way you wanted/expected it to you should not reuse it. If you are POSITIVE it is a wort issue you might be alright but I personally wouldn't risk it and would buy a fresh pack and build a new starter. This is what you really need to ask...
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    100% Brett Question

    I disagree with the pitching rates. I have found that a big pitch actually causes Brett to ferment pretty cleanly. If you want to get those funky Brett flavors a lower pitch will stress them out and get them to start throwing those wonderful flavors/esters. A nice warm fermenter (70F-ish) also...
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    100% Brett Question

    My experience has been that a 100% Brett fermentation isn't that much different than that of a typical ale yeast*. However you'll want some bulk aging on the Brett beer if you want those Brett characteristics to really come through. Generally I give my 100% Brett beers 1 month in the primary and...
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    Adjusted Mash Temps

    With todays malts, most of your conversion is going to happen in the first 15-20 minutes of the mash. I would think your initial temp would have much more of an effect over the final product vs the average over the entire mash. Although I would strive to trying to maintain as constant as a temp...
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    This recipe was a big hit at a Halloween party we had last weekend. I served this alongside a Cream Ale and a Pale Ale and those who liked maltier beers were very happy with the Brown. Nothing much to add other than another recommendation for the recipe ;)
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    Double IPA Stone Enjoy By IPA

    I was under the impression that Stone changes the recipe for each release. And of course the old one was short on hop aroma, that is why they label it the way they do. ;) As far as clarity, my version of this cleared up nicely with a good cold crash and some gelatin. Not sure if Stone uses a...
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    $50 Dedicated HERMS

    So I am going to be setting up this system, pretty much exactly as in the OP except I will be using a US-Solar pump to recirculate. I am not interested in doing steps (at this time) but wanted the other benefits of recirculating so this seems like the perfect budget solution. I already have a...
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    What is your favorite plastic primary and secondary fermenter?

    I like buckets for ease of cleaning. I have 5 different bucket fermenters and the one I love is the Austin Homebrew Supply 7.9 gallon bucket. Great seal, just make sure you also get the lid-removal tool. People say good seal doesn't matter because you'll have a protective layer of CO2 in there...
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I keep telling people about the arrangement Russian River and Firestone-Walker made to brew up PTE at Firestone for a bit and people keep asking me "isn't Russian River afraid FSW will steal the recipe?"
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    Why is my beer getting darker with age?

    Go ahead and Google "Hot Side Aeration Myth." Basic consensus is that unless you need your beer to have a 6 month+ shelf life it is a non-issue at the homebrew level. One of those brewing boogy-men that has carried over from commercial practices that isn't really applicable to homebrewing...
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    Why is my beer getting darker with age?

    Getting oxygen into your wort before pitching yeast is a good thing. The yeast need that oxygen at the start of fermentation. Your "hot side oxidation" is not causing your issues and if you don't have a good method to oxygenate your wort prior to pitching yeast, vigorous stirring is a good...
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    Could it be as simple as how you poured it into the glass? Most people pour down the side of the glass to reduce foaming but really you should be pouring straight down the middle. Sometimes for me that method can release TOO many bubbles so I start going down the side then switch to down the...
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Not too necro and old post, but... The term cider is specifically for fermented beverages made out of apples. A "cider" made of pears is called perry. Pretty sure a fermented drink made out of cherries would just be a cherry-wine (or sparkling cherry-wine if it has bubbles). Not that terms...
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    SS Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway

    I'm in. Thank you Ss Brewing Technologies!
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    Cleaning an e flask

    I do a "Super-charged" oxiclean soak, good rinse then boil a small amount of water right in the flask for 10-15 minutes.
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    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    Everything that I have heard about Budweiser (including comments from former AB brewers such as Mitch Steele who have every reason to throw them under the bus) have said that their ingredients, brewing methods and quality control are all top notch. You might not like the product but implying...
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    Anyone using a FastFermenter?

    I think for your plan you should be fine. You should be able to use the pegs as handles. When trying to fill the fermenter from the kettle or trying to get it up on the wall (which is admittedly mounted high in my case) is when I run into issues.
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    Anyone using a FastFermenter?

    I have one of the first versions (before they were bought out and modified). Couple of thoughts; -Handling a full one is awkward. What I found works best is I actually put the whole thing in a bucket and handle the bucket. -I had a little difficulty getting the trub/yeast to fall into the ball...