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    Budweiser Admits Craft Beer is for Real

    As did millions, I watched the Super Bowl not only for the game but also for the awesome commercials. We all expected to see super cheesy ads from Bud Light and Budweiser and we did, but I'm sure few expected to be made fun of in front of millions. If you missed it Budweiser decided to poke fun...
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    2015 - The Best Year Ever for Craft Beer?

    2015 is here and things couldn't look any brighter for the craft beer industry this year. The big names in beer continue to lose ground to craft beer as craft beer sales increased again going into 2015. Craft beer sales, showed an increase of 17.2% or 15 million barrels over the past year due...
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    Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout: Brings everyone together on Black Friday!

    For most people across the USA, Black Friday means insane lines and shoppers violently jumping over each other to get that flat-screen TV, gaming system or the new cool toy on the cheap. However for the craft beer community the day after Thanksgiving means its time for the annual release of...