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    Madison, WI --- Propane

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum..... Encompass has $9.99 tank exchanges right now. They took my 15lb Blue Rhino and I left with an actual 20lb tank! That's a deal that's hard to beat.
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    Recipe Critique - Fibonacci Downward Spiral IIPA

    All right.... who's got a recipe for PrimeIPA and SquaredIPA?????? Both seem logical enough.
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    Recipe Critique - Fibonacci Downward Spiral IIPA

    It's interesting to think that hop cones grow by the fibonacci sequence. Hmmmm....
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    Recipe Critique - Fibonacci Downward Spiral IIPA

    I used a 0 minute addition. I have a feeling all of my IPA's (and other PA's) will follow this schedule. It sounds like a good theme for my brewery! I've never been a real stickler for what kind of hops to use for specific flavors / aromas. My recipe is definitely open for interpretation...
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    Recipe Critique - Fibonacci Downward Spiral IIPA

    Just so you know, I brewed a Fibonacci IPA a few months ago, so I'll take the credit :) I just posted the recipe I made, then saw your post as a recommended thread. The Fibonacci Sequence is about as perfect as it gets for hop additions - a couple bittering, a few flavor, and lots of aroma...
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    Fibonacci IPA

    My first recipe, and first all grain batch. Sorry if the posted recipe is not to standards. 12 lb 2-row 0.5 lb crystal 60L 1.0 Munich - 60L Mash at 155 for 55 minutes, batch sparge. 9 oz of hops - mixture of 3 oz centennial, 3 oz amarillo, 3 oz cascade Additions a la Fibonacci...
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    Appropriate Set Up?

    So, I have obtained some equipment. I'm hoping to be able to use the equipment to brew 10 gallon all grain. I'm not sure about what volumes I'll need to successfully achieve this.... First - brew pot - standard 1/2 barrel - no problem. Second - I can use one of two coolers for my...
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    Aged Ingredients Question

    Nice price!
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    Do I have bottle bombs waiting for me?

    In my defense, I was expecting to be bottling 5 gallons, but those hops liked the beer too much! It sounds like the fizzing due to hops material does not build pressure in the bottle. Is it something that would go away in time - meaning, will they still fizz out a couple/few ounces of beer...
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    Do I have bottle bombs waiting for me?

    Made the Austin Homebrew Supply IPA Anniversary kit. I added 8 extra ounces during the dry hop phase (2 additions of 2 oz in primary, 2 additions of 2 oz in secondary) just because I had a couple lbs of hops in the freezer. All additions were dumped right into the carboy - no bag. Racked...
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    Really, Midwest Supplies?

    Yeah, that's about what I meant :D
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    after trying a long primary, anyone back to using secondaries?

    A little bit :off: ... How much trub are we talking about in a primary-only bottle? I've used secondaries on all of my brews (only 4), so I've never had a huge pile of trub in the bottle. I think beer > trub, so I would think less trub in the bottle would be a good thing. Is it a...
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    Splenda in primary fermentation

    I would think not. My "wine" with the splenda was at a SG of 1.000 after about 3 weeks in primary. It still tasted sweet, so the Splena didn't ferment out (no surprise). I would assume that whatever affects OG (sugar) completely fermented out, while the Splenda made it sweet, but didn't...
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    Splenda in primary fermentation

    And, a "front sweeten" is okay in terms of sitting in a fermenter for a few months?
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    Splenda in primary fermentation

    So, I bought some juice for my apfelwein - I didn't realize it at the time, but it used Splenda instead of sugar for sweetening. After a few weeks, I took a sample, and it tastes nice(ish), and has a good amount of sweetness. Is there any worry about using Splenda from the get-go instead...
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Rafters and Risers Brewery. My brewery is under the stairs in the basement.
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    Carboy brewing accident

    Jeeeeeeeesus. +1 to the wound picture being worse than the stitches. OUCH!!
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    How do I not give away too much beer?

    When I have home brew, I always find a way to share it. And that's all good, until I look at my stash and I'm about all out. I've found a couple tricks on my own to help keep stock longer. I'll bottle some in Guinness bottles, which are 11.2 oz, instead of 12. I'll give out a 4-pack...