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    the necessity of starters (or lack thereof?)

    Ah, decanting makes sense! Thanks!
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    the necessity of starters (or lack thereof?)

    I haven't been making starters, but my LHBS closed down, and I'm thinking of harvesting yeast to save some money now that I'm shipping ingredients. I understand about potential off flavors created as the yeast reproduce, but aren't those created in the starter as well? How does the starter...
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    Need source for washer inside ball lock quick disconnect

    Old thread, but I found it and benefitted so I'll add. I couldn't find a 7/16 ID, 9/16 OD o-ring at my local hardware store but they had an assorted package with a 7/16 ID, 5/8 OD o-ring. I covered it in plumbers silicone grease and was able to slide it in snugly. The plastic cap did not screw...
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    FAQ: Aluminum Pots for Boil Kettles?

    I have heard that aluminum can retain flavors from cooking, then pass them on to your beer. So if i boil a pot of onions or cabbage I'll end up with oniony beer. Is this true? Should an aluminum brew pot be kept strictly for beer?
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    First try, really simple

    well, I ended up racking it to another bucket onto the sugar. I don't think there was much splashing, I was as careful as I could be. :) It turned out to be pretty decent! Not much character to it, and maltier than I expected, but I've enjoyed drinking it for sure. I left the bottles alone...
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    First try, really simple

    So I racked from my primary to the bottling bucket today. No trouble moving the beer, I don't think I got much yeast with it. I had planned to leave the it to settle in the bucket for a day before bottling, but now I've realized that I forgot to put the sugar solution in the bucket before...
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    3-2-1 vs. 1-2-3 Method

    I've pretty much settled on 3-3 for my first brew as well. I'm going to rack it to my bottling bucket rather than bottle straight from the primary. I think I'm going to leave it in the bucket for a day to settle before bottling, but I'm not really sure if that is needed. Is everyone who is...
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    6.5 Gallon Pail as Secondary Fermenter?

    How long would your beer have to be in a bucket secondary before oxygen became a problem? Assuming you used a 5 gallon bucket to minimize head space. Is this a days, weeks, or months issue? 5 gallon buckets are easy to get (and free to me), but any brew specific equipment has to be shipped in.
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    First try, really simple

    But I want to drink it NOW!! :cross: A few bottles may mysteriously disappear before 3 weeks is up... :mug: The room my fermenter is in is about 70-75F. My OG was actually only 1.046, not 1.060, that was CarbonRiver's batch. I didn't adjust for temp though. Does your advice for timing...
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    First try, really simple

    Well, I started by brew on Wednesday and it seems to be going strong. I rehydrated the yeast as described in the "how to brew" book. I figured I'd ferment in my carboy and then transfer to the larger bucket to bottle. My OG was 1.046. By 12 hours in it was bubbling rapidly, and by 18 hours...
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    First try, really simple

    I'm going to try my first brew sometime this week. It's going to be very simple, partly because I don't have easy access to a brew store and I don't have enough patience to order more stuff. I've got a can of Coopers Real Ale (3.75lb) LME and their yeast packet, and about 1.9lb of Muntons...