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    Grainfather T500 first all grain

    Is it a grain father with t500 attachment?
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    What bag do you use in your basket?
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    I just take my mash paddle and push the bag away as I lift with my hoist.
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    What are folks brewing this weekend?

    Went to some local breweries for their Oktoberfest festivities and was inspired to brew a marzen.
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    New biabasket set-up/fermentation stuck

    Are you measuring the temp of the wort or the room that it’s fermenting in? Possible wort is getting too hot and stressing the yeast?
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    Spike Solo 20 Gallon Kettle/Basket vs. Brau Supply

    I have the spike solo 20 gal grain basket, and after 20 or so brews I went back to just using a bag and a hoist I made a false bottom so the bag doesn’t touch the heating element. I get better efficiency, don’t have to worry about getting a stuck mash and no grain in my wort. Also clean up is a...
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    Head count of active homebrewers

    Brew HQ out of Nova Scotia is free shipping over $100. I started making wine for the wife during Covid and started making beer not long after that. Made a few extract kits before switching to all grain.
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    Which BIAB do you like?

    I have a brewzilla 35L 3.1.1 and a diy system using a spike solo basket and 20gal kettle. I would recommend the brewzilla 100% I’ve been using it for 3 years now and it owes me nothing but at some point it’s going to crap the bed and be useless. If I had to do it again I’d get a system like...
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    Water profile is it good?

    How much lactic acid could you add before tasting?
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Wagon have you tried waiting 10-15min before recirculating. I also use Bobby’s method of splitting the recirculating seems to help with temps.
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    Spike Solo Owner's Thread

    Since I have started milling my own grains, adding rice hauls and waiting 10min before recirculating I’ve had zero problems with using the grain basket. Probably don’t even need the rice hauls but they are cheap insurance.
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    SSBrewTech - SVBS

    Looks meh.
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    Performing no chill by leaving wort in kettle overnight

    I’ve put my hot wort in 5gal kegs over night to either cool them down and transfer to another fermenter or pitch the yeast the next day in the keg.
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    RIMS tube with electric

    I added a second line going to my whirlpool port so I can adjust flow to my grain bed and still have constant flow going through my rims tube. My element is also from brewhardware and I’ve haven’t had any problems.
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    RIMS tube with electric

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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Used 12lbs of grain, did a double crush ended up with 73% effeminacy. Made the brew day a little faster not having to sparge.
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Did a full volume no sparge 5gallon batch with the extention.
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    Finally converting my SsBrewTech 10g kettle to electric

    Could try adding some insulation around the kettle might help with heating times and boil.
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    No, the silicon gasket makes a pretty tight seal between the two.
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Ended up using the brewzilla as a HLT and boil kettle i mashed in biab setup I normally heat with propane. Can make 10gal indoors now.