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    Wanted WTB SS Brewtech 7gal Brew Bucket (Atlanta)

    Looking for a 7 gal SS Brewtech brew bucket. Only looking for a 7 gal because it fits perfectly in my mini-fridge fermentation chamber. New or used, just looking for a good deal. Located in north Atlanta, GA but will also pay for shipping (within reason).
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    Inkbird/Keezer Issue

    Right! I wish I could blame it on all my beer problems, but sadly most are me.
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    DIY Propper/Fast Pitch?

    Welp as soon as I posted I found some more thread results that yes it’s a thing. I think I’ll try it out. Process looks a bit involved with pressure canning, but if it saves 30 mins each brew with boiling and cooling each individual starter, still seems like a time and money saver.
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    DIY Propper/Fast Pitch?

    Hey all, Had a question about yeast starters. I recently used a can of Propper I picked up at a local HB store for a starter, first time I used it I had previously just made starters from boiling water and adding DME. But a guy got to thinking…DME is pretty cheap and at the low end a can of...
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    Inkbird/Keezer Issue

    Hey all, thanks for the replies! Sorry I’ve been out of pocket a few days with some family health stuff! Yeah so weirdest thing, I was having the issue and it wasn’t working for about two days after I plugged it in. Came down to the keezer on the second day and it was at 68° so I just assumed...
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    Inkbird/Keezer Issue

    I need some help troubleshooting an issue. I took a hiatus from home brewing a couple years and a couple nights ago just hooked back up my inkbird and keezer for the first time in probably 3+ years. The freezer turns on fine and starts cooling when it is plugged directly into the wall, but when...
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    Grainfather G30 Sight Glass?

    I just recently picked up a secondhand Grainfather G30 and did my first brew with it on Sunday. One issue that I had was while I had the grain basket lifted and I was sparging to my boil volume, I could not see the volume marks on the inside of the vessel to see when I’d hit my volume. I had to...
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    For Sale Atlanta - SS Brewtech 10 Gal Boil Kettle - Never Used

    Selling a 10 Gal SS Brewtech boil kettle. Bought a couple of years ago but never got around to using and picked up a Grainfather instead. I passivated it but never used it beyond that. $200 OBO. Features: Tri-Clad bottom Sanitary TC Ports Sturdy riveted silicone coated handles 3-piece TC ball...
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    Need A Recipe for a Winter Brew!

    I’m looking to brew something festive to give out some 6 packs to some friends and family around Christmas. Anyone have a tried and true winter recipe they’d suggest? Thinking maybe a porter or a spiced winter ale, maybe both.
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    Wanted SS Brewtech Chronical Fermenter

    Still interested in one if anyone is selling
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    Grains to keep on hand?

    Thanks for all the information everyone! Should point me in the right direction. I appreciate it.
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    Grains to keep on hand?

    Awesome info, thank you!
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    Grains to keep on hand?

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    Grains to keep on hand?

    Hey all, I recently upgraded equipment and moved from doing extract only kits to all grain recipes. So far I’ve just been purchasing the grains I need for recipes as needed, but I’d like to get some storage containers and start storing and milling my own grains to be able to experiment with...
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    [FS - ATL,GA] Lots of brewing equipment, automation stuff, and a FREE* newbie setup

    Vent hood still available? Where are you located in ATL? I’m in Cumming up 400.
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    For Sale Selling Grainfather, Ss Brewtech Fermenter, and more

    Interested in the fermenter and grain mill if still available, if you’d ship to GA that is!
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    Wanted SS Brewtech Chronical Fermenter

    Looking to buy a SS Brewtech Chronical fermenter. Could do either a 7 or 14 gal. Located in north metro Atlanta, but I can pay to have shipped if not local. Let me know what you have!