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    Best Oktoberfest Kit on Market

    I'm looking to get back into brewing and would like to know what everyone here thinks the best Oktoberfest beer kit is out there or if anyone has a great Oktoberfest original/clone recipe they would like to share. Thanks ahead of time. Oh I did search but didn't find anything on this. :mug:
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    On busibess in Minneapolis

    And in looking for a good brew pub with some good food on the west side. Any suggestions? Only in town til 3-21-12 Edit: damn iPhone... Im in town on business.
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    Wort Too Dark (pic)

    I saw a poll somewhere that said some 40+ percent of home brewers are some type or form of an engineer. Side note: The quantum physics book the fermenter is sitting on looks like the edition I used in college.
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    My Double IPA

    That sounds damn good. I have something very similar in primary right now and it tasted Ohhh so good after 2 weeks. I don't have a chiller either so what I do to get the wort chilled really fast is I freeze a 85% full gallon jug of distilled water that I buy at the store. I put it in the...
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    Anyone using old soda kegs?

    Had someone offer to sell me two 5 gallon soda kegs that have had all the seals replaced! Anyone had any experience with these kegs?
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    Poll: How do people aerate their wort?

    I thought I would post some pictures of what I use. This strainer I picked up on clearance for $12. The handles expand to fit different size containers out to 30" wide. A little hop sediment captured by the strainer. My paint mixer going to town. Use this for 3-5 mins.
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    Cleaning/sanitizing Bottles

    I actually reduced the strength of the oxyclean in the solution used and found that it was less likely to precipitate. It might be my water as well. It's pretty hard and imagine that may be a big part of it.
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    Algae-like stuff in bottles?

    If you had access to a microscope it would be interesting to see if it's something other then a those round shaped little friends of ours.
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    kruesan not falling after 2 weeks

    It's probably hops. Every time I dry hop with pellets I get a greenish brown slushy film like layer on top for the first 4-6 days. It finally settled to the bottom for the most part.
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    Cooled fermentation chamber questions

    This is a 220 volt system. If your fridge is not 220 volts I would stay away from this unless you have a converter.
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    kruesan not falling after 2 weeks

    The "looks like" krausen on the top is probably hop sentiment. Did you dry hop with pellets, how much did you use?. If so 9 times out of 10 you will get a film on the top that looks something like krausen.
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    Cleaning/sanitizing Bottles

    +1 I use a fork, the curve of the utensil works great on the curve of the bottle.
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    Cleaning/sanitizing Bottles

    I would be very weary of leaving PBW/Oxyclean on bottles for more then 6-8 hours for one reason: eventually the PBW/Oxyclean will precipitate out of the water as it cools and/or becomes less effective do to the oxygenation of the water, and minerals in the water, and will settle on and in your...
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    WARNING to newbie homebrewers!

    All I have to say is "WHAT A GREAT F*IN COUNTRY WE LIVE IN" Theres no other place on earth where dreams this big can be a reality for so many. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!
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    What would be the difference?

    It should be boiled for 10 mins to sterilize if at all possible. If you wanna heat it up in another pot, and have that capability, then that would reduce time to bring back to a boil.
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    What would be the difference?

    Right my plan is to add half and half. Half at preboil/beginning boil and the other half at 10 mins of the 60 mins boil, definitely better hop utilization. My question is really do you need to bring it to an initial boil before I add the first half of the extract or can I add it after removing...
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    Midwest Supplies.. Good Kit??

    I have brewed both there amber ale and fuggles English IPA. If your looking for beers that are higher in the IBUs (hoppiness) don't get either of these two unless you want to add more hops but that defeats the purpose of theses kits. I hear there other IPAs are good and in the medium IBU range...
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    What would be the difference?

    Have seen that most kits have you bring the solution from the steeped grains to a boil removing from the heat and then adding LME or DME and then bringing back to the heat and back to a boil. Would it make a difference if you added the LME or DME to the solution before bringing it to a boil...
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    My fermenter overfloweth. Quick help!

    I'm interested to see these pictures.