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  1. oms1981

    Need a new fermentor

    never seen those before and that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  2. oms1981

    Need a new fermentor

    while we are on this topic, anyone have any recommendations for a 10 gallon vessel that won't break the bank? I'm gonna be ready to step up to larger batch size in the coming months. But I don't wanna pay hundreds of dollars for conical, or get something of potentially dubious quality.
  3. oms1981

    Beginner technique questions

    Just to add my 2 brain cells: 1. Wet stopper bad. Some aggressive fermentation will even push the stopper out if it's wet. I always let them dry, they usually work fine then. Had a wheat beer push one out on me once. 2. Couple options: You can try using a hop sock, or a false bottom in...
  4. oms1981

    Wanting to get back into brewing

    I've found that flip top bottles are easier than regular bottles, but I still use both. Just depends what I have available at bottling time. Never been a keg guy so I can't speak to that at all. If it were me, I'd use up the flip top bottles first. A few words of caution though. If they are...
  5. oms1981

    Wanting to get back into brewing

    I also just brewed my first batch in quite a while so I decided to go easy mode and just grabbed one of the cheapest kits from Northern Brewer. Some people have mixed feelings about NB, but one of their stores is just a few miles from my house so it's convenient for me. They come with really...
  6. oms1981

    Apfelwein Headspace

    as long as your vessel is sealed tightly with an airlock there shouldn't be much O2 in there. it should have been displaced by venting gas during fermentation. The last time I made apfelwein i had quite a bit of head space and it tasted fine. I let it sit in fermentor for about 4 months or so...
  7. oms1981

    Straining Hops

    my normal kitchen strainer happens to be one of those screen mesh ones, and the mesh is pretty fine. i run the wort through it as it goes into the fermentor. this gets a lot of the spent hops out. The rest settles out in the trub generally. Sometimes I'll make a style that I'd prefer to have...
  8. oms1981

    First batch mistakes...

    +1 on this. I do this during the warmer months to keep the fermentation temp down. I don't worry about it too much this time of year cuz its fricken freezing here, but during summer it helps a ton.
  9. oms1981

    Turning my frown upside down

    yeah i hate brewing on an electric stove. hell, i hate cooking on an electric stove. the place I lived for the last 6 months had a horrible electric stove. I didn't brew once the entire time.
  10. oms1981

    Old Bottles

    if they have any gunk dried inside of them, just stick them in the bath tub and fill it with hot water and let em sit for awhile. Dirty bottles are no big deal, you just have to work a little harder.
  11. oms1981

    First batch mistakes...

    Sounds like it will be fine to me. I very much doubt that it is going to "suck anyways" as you put it. I dropped my hydrometer a few months ago and never got a new one. I really couldn't care less if I know what the abv on my beer is and I don't stress out about incorrect OG or FG anymore. My...
  12. oms1981

    How do good experienced Homebrewers aerate?

    all i ever do is funnel the cooled wert into my carboy and then I shake and roll it like crazy for about 15 minutes. and when i say shake i mean hard. i agitate the crap out of it. yes it is tiring. yes there are better ways to do it. but it's simple and effective. i have never had a bad lag time.
  13. oms1981

    specialty grains

    just make sure they don't experience any substantial sudden temperature changes or you may get condensation inside the bag which will rain on your parade real quick.
  14. oms1981

    Possible infection? Need some help.

    what type of stout is it? anything fancy about it like chocolate or coffee or anything? I have had all sorts of strangle looking stouts, but never a bad one. In fact every stout I have made looked a little strange at first. Roasted barley debris can accumulate on the sides if you got some in the...
  15. oms1981

    URGENT! Bottle Sanitation Question Urgernt!

    yep, ammonia plus bleach = an unhappy ending. mixing chemicals is always an unsafe practice if you don't know exactly what you are doing. I know this doesn't help you much for this batch, but I switched to star san a long time ago and I'm glad I did. use 1 no-rinse sanitizer. it makes things a...
  16. oms1981

    My first taste of Apfelwein....

    Last time I made it I let it sit for a few months as well. It improves with age in my opinion.
  17. oms1981

    Inconsistent carbonation

    the only time I have ever had inconsistent carbing is when it isn't completely ready yet. If I experience that, I just let it sit awhile longer and it all seems to even out
  18. oms1981

    Question about Wheat Beers

    if you siphon your beer through some sort of filter prior to bottling, there is a fair chance that you will have bad beer. Oxidation is not your friend
  19. oms1981

    too much blow off

    I have a hefe going in my basement right now and it's about 58 degrees down there. I know wheat beers tend to be a little... "aggressive" shall we say. But I assumed the cool temperature would keep it under control. I assumed wrong. I came home today and the blowoff hose was on the floor and...
  20. oms1981

    Leftover beer from primary

    not really related to what you should do with the extra beer, but that is precisely why I started using a 6.5gal for my secondaries. It's worth it to not lose any volume if you are making additions