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    Hi from TX

    Welcome from Wyoming
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    How to dry hop

    Toss them in around day 10 and wait about 5 days. Cold crash if you can. If not don't worry about it.
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    Oxiclean dishwasher detergent

    Run acid after and you should be good. Strong sani, phosphoric, phosphoric/nitric, citric, etc. and then follow with a water rinse
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    Confused about Water - first beer with minerals = cloudy

    Don't raise your pH that much. There are other factors that go into clear beer but pH is huge. Mash should be around 5.2 area. Spare water around 5.6-5.7 range and final pH just below 5.
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    Higher Pitch temp/ferm chamber

    Not always.
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    El Dorado hop Suggestions

    Forget about the 20 minute addition. Also forget about the 10 minute addition. If you want hoppy save them and maybe do a small 5 minute addition and then dump the rest and whirlpool them.
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    pH adjustment issues

    pH meters suck. I even use to work in a lab with good quality ones and they still sucked and were never accurate. Get yourself some good strips. ColorpHast from morebeer are awesome.
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    Low OG, brewing at high altitude

    You want your mash pH around 5.2. However you want you post boiled wort to be around 5 so that takes adjusting your sparge pH which we usually try to keep around 5.6 or so. I forgot your original question but think it was something about efficiency. Not sure if any of this actually helps.
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    Low OG, brewing at high altitude

    Grind or pH is what I would check first. My brew at 7,200 and don't run into any problems that are due elevation.
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    Keg on its side

    Sure it's possible. It won't hurt the beer. The only thing is the dip tube is typically around the center area so after the key is half gone you might not be able to get anymore beer out.
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    Noob fruit addition mistake?

    Everyone wants to put fruit in the fermenter. Don't even do that. Get fruit juice and put it in the keg, etc right before racking the beer. Don't just use any fruit juice though. Get real fruit juice that's been pasteurized and hasn't had any preservatives, etc put in it. Experiment with...
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    Cleaning Carboy

    I would use pbw over dish soap. However, either one of those are high in pH so after you wash with them you need to thoroughly rinse and then do an acid rinse to rid any alkali in there and then rinse once more with water and then thoroughly sanitize before use. I typically do pbw and then a...
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    Why 'orange' flavor??

    Well Amarillo has a orange taste. I'm drinking a Amarillo pale that we just did and is real orangey. So the hops contribute to it. Also what temps are you fermenting at? The higher temp the more fruity it'll be due to the esters. For an American yeast 66-69 is good. I typically go around 68.
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    Solder or not to solder copper manifold in cooler MLT

    Yeah I soldered the end pieces and left the long ones along, but would rather none of it be soldered. Just make sure to crimp them good because nothing is worse than having it break apart while stiring the mash.
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    If fermentation is done, what are the bubbles?

    No worries. It's all good. Kind of like taking a crap but having gas for a period afterwords.
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    100 year old hop plant recipe?

    That's sounds awesome. I'd do exactly what you've got planned. Hope to turns out good and he's pleased with the beer. If it doesn't work out oh we'll at least you tried.
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    Hello new to homebrew :)

    If you decide on the style of beer you want there a tons of recipes either on here or others will share. Good luck on your brewing adventures.
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    White frothy krausen

    Krausen is krausen. It never acts the same. Tale a reading and rack when ready.
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    Need tips on growing blonde beard

    There's only one way to grow a beard. Just grow it. Don't mess with shaving, trimming, etc. just grow. A real man doesn't shave parts of his beard. Let it grow untouched, ungroomed like a true man.
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    Old kegs

    I work with pesticides and I wouldn't risk it. Just don't make risk it and find used ones that are pesticide free.