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  1. Jewsh

    Topping off

    Would be a horrible idea. After fermentation is complete, You have beer. It is what it is. If you ended up with 4.5 gal beer after bottling is said and done, maybe start with a little over 5 gal. to replace the beer that will be lost due to the trub and transfers.
  2. Jewsh

    Partial Bottling

    But your time well spent I must say!!
  3. Jewsh

    Begginer question

    I had the same problem my first batch. I rocked the pail to bring the yeast back into suspension and 6 hrs later, I saw action in the airlock. I also took gravity readings, probably far too often, but it does help you understand the how's and why's our little friends are added to this sugary...
  4. Jewsh

    Total Noob, 1st brew issue, maybe?

    I also hear making starters out of dry yeast is not looked weel upon. Either rehydrate, or upgrade to whitelabs viles, pitch a wyeast propegator into your erlenmeyer , or smack a wyeast pack and pitch. Just my view on things
  5. Jewsh

    Total Noob, 1st brew issue, maybe?

    Very good input. I don't secondary. I leave most my brews on the primary yeast cake for two-three weeks, often a month at times, and come out with fantabulous beer. I started with the turkey baster for hydo samples, then moved to the wine theif. I no longer trusted the rubber on the turkey...
  6. Jewsh

    10 gallon SS commercial vs. keggle. Please help me decide

    It does seem to be cut a little wider than most converted kegs, but I wouldnt worry too much about that at this point. You will be able to brew 12 gal. instead of 8.5 or 9 gal with the 10 gal stockpot, depending on vigour of boil. I would just go for it. I recently converted a 1/2 barrel...
  7. Jewsh

    Good Deal on Keggle?

    I agree with above posters. Although, with the bulkhead, thermometer and sight glass, it would be a good buy. $80-100. Get a dip tube and a false bottom, and you have yourself a 15.5 gal. kettle. Or keep it the way it is and use it as a HLT. Not sure what your brew set-up is, but if you...
  8. Jewsh

    Brewing outside have questions

    I absolutely agree. Aluminum will dispurse the heat much better than a plain ol' SS Kettle. And when you receive a 32q aluminum kettle with your burner, I would sugest putting it to good use!
  9. Jewsh

    Mashed in too high, what are the effects?

    Since you didnt hit your target temp. nor the s.g., Sounds as if this beer will be very full bodied and very sweet. If you suspect your yeast may not attenuate down enough, I myself, would pitch some champagne yeast to dry it out a bit. will also bring up the alc.%. Don't want it to be too...
  10. Jewsh

    Aerating wort AFTER pitching ...problems?

    I agree with above posts. I have had problems with either aeration or not a big enough pitch. If fermentation has not yet begun, or is within 12 hours of pitching, the yeast have not yet really started attenuating, just have started building more cell walls so your brew can ferment comfortably...
  11. Jewsh

    Refermenting with Brettanomyces

    Some time later, I now understand the difference between a sour and funkified beer. Thank for the informative information kind sir!
  12. Jewsh

    New years gathering.

    I about to kill my keg of pale ale. I have a oatmeal stout ready to go. It is sitting at 62 degrees. I quickly force carbonated my pale, chilled, even though the quick rocking method allows co2 to dissolve into solution better when it is chilled, and started enjoying it a couple hours later...
  13. Jewsh

    Not a lambic but 100% Belgian brett pa

    I brewed a Belgian Brett pa about a month ago. Pitched my wyeast brett strain. Didn't start up for three days, hear this is normal. Temp in my room is cold. I was aiming for 64 deg. but the highest at one point in time was 62. lowest was 59. Have not taken a gravity readingf, but krausen has...
  14. Jewsh

    Attention new all grain brewers!

    I boil in a converted sanke and mash in a 52q igloo ice cube. You can brew in a bag, it works just fine. A nesecity is a large kettle for full volume boils. Depending on batch size will determin your kettle size. but I do 5,8 and 10 gal batches in my kettle. A refractometer is very helpful for...
  15. Jewsh

    HLT size???

    I am shopping a round for a 1/2bbl sanke, but I have the 1/4bbl already.
  16. Jewsh

    HLT size???

    I have horrible efficiency. I loaded my mash tun with #22 of grain for a 5 gal batch and got maybe 55%. But my tun was only about 1/2 full with 1 1/2q/ lb of grist. I think I have enough room for a moderate gravity 10 gal batch, if I can hit my numbers. I do a hybrid fly/batch sparge.
  17. Jewsh

    HLT size???

    I have a converted sanke,with a 52q igloo ice cube mash tun. I know I am capable of ten gallon batches, but my 5g bottling bucket is not doing justice for my strike and sparge water. I have a empty 1/4 bbl keg lying around, would converting this be a good idea? I would be using direct fire...
  18. Jewsh

    Attention new all grain brewers!

    I agree, Just, don't worry, relax and have a homebrew. Dialing in your numbers and process will come with time. It is all about expirementation with your system.
  19. Jewsh

    Burner/pot question

    I had got a fryer kettle deal at a thrift store for $30. It was a aluminum pot so I boiled 6.5 gal water in it first. Good thing I did, There was a bunch of aluminum floating in the liquid. It did build up the oxidized layer. I would highly suggest treating a aluminum kettle to a water boil...