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    Attempting a Pumpkin Porter

    I am far from an expert brewer or scientist, but I just know it works to get the pumpkin flavor into the beer. That's an a lot of pumpkin to put into a boil, I really never have thought about doing that and really don't want to try. Cheers! Jay
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    Attempting a Pumpkin Porter

    Good morning, I've done a pumpkin porter a couple times. I'm an all grain brewer and haven't done an extract brew in a very long time so I don't know how to really critique your recipe. Here is what I do and it's come out pretty good: Grain bill: 10.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)...
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    Motorized Mill with Cabinets?

    Thanks for the concerns. Just to clarify, the motor and entire mill would rest on top of the cabinet. There would be a hole in the top of the table/ bench area for the milled grain to dump into a bucket contained in the cabinet. I'm small scale, so we are talking about enough grain to brew a...
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    Motorized Mill with Cabinets?

    Thanks for the help so far guys. I'm thinking of using two of these side by side: That would get me the dimensions I want and it would have separation between where...
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    Motorized Mill with Cabinets?

    Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I need some help designing and building a set of cabinets that I can place a motorized mill on and mill grain down though an opening on top into a bucket contained in one of the cabinets. Basically I want to be able to use this thing to mill grain...
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    Watermelon Wheat First Version

    I should have added, I strain the puree through a metal strainer then add directly to the fermenter. I've never used cheesecloth for this. mpjay
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    Watermelon Wheat First Version

    My wife and I are fans of 21st Amendment's "Hell or High Watermelon" Wheat also. I usually will make a 10 gallon batch of my wheat beer and add 8 cups of pureed, seedless watermelon to one of the fermenters after primary fermentation is complete. That way I get 2 different beers from the same...
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    Newbie FastFerment Questions

    I'm interested in someone with experience with the FastFerment Conical to chime in also. I used mine for the first time Sunday. I filled it with wort with the collection ball attached and the valve open. I had to wait an hour or two until the wort was at the right temperature to pitch the yeast...
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    SMaSH hops suggestions wanted

    I just tasted my Mosaic/ 2 Row SMaSH last night for the first time and it was awesome! I've done a lot of 2 Row SMaSH's and used Citra (awesome), Simcoe (awesome) and Sorachi Ace (not so good). I used Maris Otter with Citra and it was good too. For yeast I usually use WLP001, 090 or 060...
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    [Feeler] Any Interest in Digital Tap Lists?

    I like it and think it looks really cool. Just like everyone else though, I'm cheap. What's the cost and what do you actually get. I'm computer stupid so break it down for me. Thanks!
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    Wife needs advice please!

    First off, your husband is a very lucky man! Building a keezer is a pretty big project. Depending on how you build it, it can be very time consuming and very expensive. Ask a 100 homebrewers how to build one and you will get a 100 different answers. If you are sure your husband wants a keezer...
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    Pumpkin Ale yeast?

    I had good results using WLP028, Edinburgh Ale yeast last year. I'm using it again this year. Mpjay
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    Trying to make a pumpkin beer this year.

    This recipe by Reno eNVy is outstanding. I made this twice last year and plan on doing it twice this year also. I will try to post a link to the recipe. mpjay2000
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    Great! Thanks for the quick replys, you guys rock! mpjay
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    Speidel Plastic Tanks

    Hey everyone, I was wondering: would leaving sanitizer (Starsan) in the Speidel fermenter hurt the plastic? I just kegged a batch and dumped the sanitizer into the fermenter when I was done with it. I plan on brewing tomorrow so the sanitizer would only be in there for about 24 hours. Any...
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    One Thing You Learned Recently

    I recently learned how to make a stir plate out of a cigar box and some spare computer parts. Very cool to have a second/ spare stir plate! poislb: I recently bought a water filter from MoreBeer and was gonna run it directly from a hose bib and then run an RV hose over to my equipment for a...
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    citra SMaSH iipa?

    I've done three SMaSH brews so far and the Citra was by far the best. I used 2 row for the malt. Mpjay
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    Keezer build recommendations

    I can't help with the painting questions, I kept my keezer white and painted the collar white to match it. When I planned out the 6 faucets for mine, I placed two standard pint glasses side by side and measured the distance from the center of one glass to the center of another. I used that...
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    Maximizing Efficiency when Batch Sparging

    I have been consistently hitting 50% efficiency. It's been very frustrating and I have been reading everything I can to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I sometimes add DME to the boil to bump it up where it needs to be, but I'm sick of doing that. I have pretty much tried to emulate Denny in...
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    3 word story

    I'll wash later..........