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    Possible Contamination Question

    Thanks for the feedback all.. I'll start working this today. One question I have is related to the gas manifold I have on the fermenter lid. There is a pressure gauge that threads into this manifold. This last fermentation was very active with trub/yeast blowing out of the blowoff hose, also...
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    Possible Contamination Question

    Forgot to add, I was looking for a 1.016 FG, so that ended where I was hoping it would. Just checked pH on the beer in the fermenter.. 3.6. Checked the previous stout out of the keg.. 4.1 So pretty much a confirmation of bacterial infection that led to souring? Iodophor everything...
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    Possible Contamination Question

    Some more details: US-05 in Propper Starter setup 24 hours in advance on stir plate Wort was oxygenated in fermenter Mash pH was 5.4 The graph is the entire fermentation. This was just a regular stout. The previous batch was the imperial stout. I was shooting for a 1.062 OG and missed by a...
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    Possible Contamination Question

    Fermentis US-05
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    Possible Contamination Question

    Hey folks. I'm concerned I have a contamination issue in my setup... Last Feb I brewed an Imperial Bourbon Stout... When I kegged it, I noticed that it was tangy, almost sour tasting. Initially attributed this to the Bourbon being on the oak chips too long and over extracting tannins. figured...
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    How long should I soak Oak Chips on Bourbon?

    I just brewed up a batch of the Dragon's Breath stout.. Described here: Lug Wrench Brew: Dragon's Breath, a Dragon's Milk Clone And also brewed on YouTube by Beer-and-BBQ Larry: And Short Circuited Brewers: I started soaking my woodchips (heavy toast american oak) on Bourbon the week of...
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    New brew room completed

    Looks like you threaded throught the PVC and right into the support members that run across and under the table?
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    Another Milkshake IPA Water Profile Thread

    Planning to brew a milkshake IPA 'base' this weekend. I've seen water profiles all over the place for this style. No fruit, no vanilla. General guidance seems to indicate 2:1 Chloride to Sulfate ratio? Have also seen folks reverse this or go with a 1:1 similar to NEIPA. Grain Bill: 10 lb...
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    New brew room completed

    Room looks great! Could you share some details on how you mounted those pumps to the underside of the ss table? I'm looking to do the same with mine.
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    NEIPA ready? Cold crash time?

    Hello all.. I have a NEIPA that is on day 10 in the fermenter. I added ~ 3oz dry hops on day 3 of fermentation and just hit it with second shot of hops (3 oz) on day 7. Tasting this from the fermenter.. Quite a bit of bitterness (actually a LOT of bitterness with hop particles floating in...
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    CraftBeerPi Dual Stage Fermentation Control

    Hey all. I'm currently controlling (or not) fermentation temperature using an InkBird two stage temp controller. I have a glycol chiller, pump, and coil for refrigeration and a heating pad for heating. I find the InkBird swings a fair amount between heating and cooling due to it's lack of PID...
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    Local Brewery - Porter Clone

    Hey all, I'm, trying to recreate a porter brewed by one of our local breweries. Their website gives just a bit of information about the beer: In quotes: 6.8 ABV 45 IBU 32 SRM Notes of: Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee, Dark Fruits Style - Robust Porter Marris Otter, Brown, Caramel, and Choc malts...
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    Is CraftbeerPi still available or is there a better option?

    Any updates on this? CBP4 seems to have gone quiet.
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    Dry hopping lager using keg as secondary...

    Hi all. I just wanted to toss this out to see what others thought of my plan regarding a lager I am planning to dry hop. I currently have the lager in my conical lagering via a glycol chiller. That's been going for about 45 days now. I plan on brewing another batch tonight and would like to use...
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    Water Profile for Dry Hopped Lager

    Thanks for all the feedback here.... I plan on using this at a brew session with some friends this weekend. They had suggested a lighter drinking 'warm weather' beer, but they are all also hopheads. I suggested the dry hopped lager as an experimental compromise. I'd still like there to be some...
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    Water Profile for Dry Hopped Lager

    Hi all, I'm looking for a water profile suggestion for a DHL I plan to brew this weekend. I'm starting with RO water. The recipe is as follows: 8 lbs Pilnser 1 lb Carapils .5 lb Acidulated Malt 75 min boil 1 Oz Hallertau Mittel @ 75 mins 1 Oz Saaz @ 15 mins 1 Oz Saaz @ 5 mins Dry Hop 2 Oz...
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    Time between mash out and sparge

    Sorry for the confusion.. Mixed up my terminology.. I'm batch sparging and was referring to draining wort from mash at end of 60 mins. My process is as follows: 2 vessel frankenstein HERMS setup where boil kettle doubles as HLT during mash. After mash completes, I drain first runnings into a...
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    Time between mash out and sparge

    Quick question regarding my batch sparging process. When I drain my mash tun at the end of the mash, it may take 5-10 minutes at a rate slow enough to not compact the bed. I typically have a little work to do to get water moved around, pumps reconfigured etc before I can add my sparge water to...
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Ah.. Didn't think of trying that. Will give it a test run today before my next planned brew day tomorrow! Thanks for the tip!
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Does anyone have experience with the AlarmClock plugin? I was hoping to setup my hot liquor tank to pre-heat in the morning before I head out to the barn. I played around with it last night and did not have any luck. I setup two steps in the brew process. First one was the alarmclock to go off...