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    anyone remember Tap-a-Draft?

    Forgot I had this, found it while cleaning out the house in preparation to move. This was my transition to kegging when I was living in a small apartment, I was tired of bottling but had no room for a keggerator. Pretty sure they don't make these anymore, but did find some info about the...
  2. Tad


  3. L

    Free bottles - Philly

    Still have some bottles left if anyone else wants any: Two cases of 12oz bottles (24 bottles total) One case of 22oz bottles (12bottles total)
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    Free bottles - Philly

    Haven't bottled in years since I started kegging. Cleaning out my basement in preparation to move and have several cases of bottles: Four cases of 12oz bottles (96 bottles total) Three cases of 22oz and 750ml bottles (36 bottles total) All are brown glass and are clean with no labels. If...
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    Rye Wit?

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I know a wit is typically wheat, I have a nice one in the keg now, which where this yeast came from. Guess instead of rye wit, I should have said belgian rye -- that would be more accurate, as I don't plan on adding any corriander or orange peel to this beer. My...
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    Rye Wit?

    I originally intended to brew a Roggenbier, but my homebrew shop was out of hefe yeast. I have all the ingredients (60% rye, 40% pils), and was thinking of using my favorite wit yeast (Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit) in place of the hefe yeast. Basically I'd be making a Belgian Wit using rye...
  7. L

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy Round 41!

    2 X Avangard pale 2 row Thanks!
  8. L

    Mr. Steve's York,PA

    I lived in York when I first started brewing (15+ years ago, back when he had a tiny store in Manchester) and gained a lot of knowledge from Mr. Steve. He was always willing to look at a recipe and answer questions. I still stop by the new store on occasion when I'm in town visiting the folks...
  9. L

    2013 NHC in Philly! Who's going?

    I spoke to a friend of mine about this who works for a local brewery. All the beer at pro night is donated by the breweries -- they aren't compensated for it at all. So it's not surprising that many of them aren't willing to offer much beyond their flagship beers. Makes me wonder, what does...
  10. L

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 35!

    2 - CM‐SPIL 1 - CM‐PALE 2 - CM‐2ROW thanks.
  11. L

    Anyone have an extra ticket for Yards Real Ale Fest?

    This is a long shot, but if anyone has an extra ticket for this Sunday's Real Ale Invitational, I will buy it from you. A friend wasn't sure if she could make it or not and waited too long and got shut out. Thanks.
  12. L

    Free refridgerator -- Philly area

    refridgerator has been claimed.
  13. L

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 26!

    wow, wish I'd have gotten a PM about this -- was out all day and wasn't checking the site, wasted a trip to Jersey and a toll across the bridge.
  14. L

    South Jersey/Philly Group Buy... ROUND 26!

    I'll take 2: 1 x CM-SPIL 1 x BZ-VIEN