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    Sold Ss Brewtech BME Kettle, KAB 6 burner, and CuS.S Tri-Coil 1.2 chiller and more - Portland, OR

    I am selling some of my homebrew beer brewing equipment. 1 Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Edition (BME) Kettle 1 KAB 6 Heavy Duty Propane Burner 1 CuS.S Tri-Coil 1.2 Copper chiller 1 Speidel 30L Fermenter + extra stuff I'd take $300 for the lot or part it out. Everything is in good working...
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    Can't lager, want to make Oktoberfest

    @millerd66 - I know you said you can't lager, but let me tell you my process. Maybe you can manage something akin. Basically, I have this large insulated zipper bag, one of those things you put your frozen goods at the grocery store into but fermenter sized...
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    If there’s one thing….

    It's a toss up between 220v or less stuff. Ultimately, I think the latter wins. If I could just be free of all this stuff.
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    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more

    Well... if you smoke two joints in the morning and smoke two joints at night and you smoke two joints before you smoke two joints and then you smoke two more... I'm guessing you smoke 8 or 12 depending on whether you count the two more as the two in the evening or night. The real question is...
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    is a giant water boiling kettle good for brewing?

    You could certainly use it as a hot liquor tank
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    What process do you follow for disconnecting pump hoses without dumping beer everywhere? It seems like I cannot help but make a mess in the kitchen. With the Anvil 6.5 on the counter, last time I did the following: 1. Shutoff Valve 2. Disconnect hose from spigot 3. Drop hose in bucket that is...
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    Whoops! I added too much priming sugar

    Fair enough, fair enough. It will be what it will be. I appreciate all the insight. Thank you.
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    Whoops! I added too much priming sugar

    @VikeMan thanks for the swift reply. I realize I mentioned you but I should have mentioned @dmtaylor as they made the original suggestion. My apologies. I'm less worried about oxygenation, since the alternative is to pitch the pilsner :( So I guess I will restate my question to dmtaylor as...
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    Whoops! I added too much priming sugar

    Hey @VikeMan, I decanted my beer into my fermenter, put the airlock back, and have been letting it sit at room temp. The airlock is bubbling and things are happening, so that is good. But I am still a bit puzzled by this approach to dealing with overcarbonating. If it takes 2-3 weeks to fully...
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    Whoops! I added too much priming sugar

    This is a good idea, but why would I "reprime" ? If I wait a few days, shouldn't there be enough residual sugar to continue carbonation?
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    Whoops! I added too much priming sugar

    So I scaled a pilsner recipe in brewersfriend from 5 gallons down to 3.25 gallons. Unfortunately, I failed to realize until it was too late that the CO2 priming was not scaled as well. This resuIted in me adding 4.5 oz of table sugar to 2.91 gallons of beer. I was shooting for 2.4 volumes of...
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    So, what are your thoughts on corn?

    @Immocles - I love simple recipes. 80/20 2-row/corn is pretty straightforward. What you are hopping with?
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    Thank you. This was helpful. I will go ahead and order it with the pump. They are including a free bucket fermenter with the order, so that is a pretty good deal!
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    With the Anvil Foundry 6.5, if I plan on discarding the malt pipe and just using a bag, do I really need to mess with the pump and re-circulation? I would like to place the AF 6.5 on my counter top and just use gravity for transferring to my fermenter. Is recirculation worth it in the smaller...
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    Ordinary Bitter Miraculix Easy AK (light bitter)

    Hey @Miraculix, I brewed your AK recipe. I brewed it with corn, because I didn't want to mess with the invert. You can see my version of it here. I ended up with a surprising 1016 FG (after 2 weeks) but it tasted quite nice right out of the fermenter. I just bottled it and will let you know how...
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    I'm dying ...

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    Should I brew this ancient Coopers?

    A friend gave me a Coopers Real Ale can that he bought at an estate sale. It has a "Best Before" date of "05/04/07". I'm tempted to just brew it. Maybe I will boil it just to be sure. What do you all think? Too old? Note: the bottom is slightly bowed but I figure if I open it and it stinks, I...
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    BrewChatter Brew Zilla/Robo Brew Giveaway

    Fingers crossed. This would be amazing!
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    Recipe Help Please - Kind of an Oatmeal Pale

    My updated Oatmeal Pale 5.5 gallon recipe: OG 1.056 FG 1.020 ABV 4.78% IBU 40.56 SRM 7.67 Grain 6.0 lb Great Western - Premium 2-Row 54.6% 2.2 lb Flaked Oats 20% 2.0 lb Weyermann - Munich Type I 18.2% 0.5 lb American...