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    Munich Porter Comments?

    I did a porter with Vienna as base malt many years ago. It was very good. Long time ago but it was basically Vienna with a little Special B and pale choc
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    WLP 940 Mexican lager

    Tried this out recently. Very easy to use and quite a good yeast. I make rice lagers mostly, around 4% and this gives a nice character while still being easy drinking. I thought I saved some of the first starter ( standard practice ) but it appears I didn’t, or my wife or kids threw it out. The...
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    Kveik Lutra vs US05 experiment

    I never thought lutra was clean at all the few times I tried it. Not bad beer sure but never super clean like people claim. Certainly didn’t want to brew lagers with it.
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    Wyeast 3724

    Just wait. It’s a great yeast. Bit quirky but definitely worth the wait. I’m future 3726 is very similar in character with no slowing down.
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    Do I need a grain bag with Grainfather S40?

    I use my old biab bag in my robobrew when I want to max out the volume. I also bought an extension pipe for double batches, and I find it easier to lift out than the pipe. No difference in efficiency that I’ve noticed.
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    All Spelt Saison

    I’ve done 30% spelt malt with great results, a nice earthy flavour. I think it suits saison. Massive rocky head as well
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    Diastaticus yeast (Belle Saison)

    3726 is a fave yeast of mine. Never had a problem with it.
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    Have I finally brewed a 34C?

    Bjcp has a style for every known combination of every ingredient known to man, it’ll fit somewhere 🤣
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    Black IPA thing of the past?

    I was sceptical when they first came out but dark and hoppy does work really well I think, surprisingly
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    Seems like an appropriate Fosters experience haha!
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    Do you know how many places sell fosters in Australia? None, I haven’t seen it for over 20yrs 😆 and even then it was rubbish if you could find it 😆
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    Pretzels in the Mash

    When would the mustard go in?
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    First lodo biab

    Doing a Koelsh today, just waiting on the yeast to do their thing with the water.
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    That German Lager taste

    I always saw the drama and stopped reading but recently found some common sense info around it and have just done my first attempt. Looking forward to trying it out.
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    Who’s still brewing Belgian-style ales and what’s your favorite recipe?

    Saison. Pils and a little wheat ( or 30% malted spelt for something different). Long low temp mash. Wy 3724, or 3726 ( much faster to finish ). Champagne bottles and wait 3 months
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    First lodo biab

    When I pulled the bag I did it very slowly and let it sit just above the surface, but yes, it’s not ideal. I have been toying with upgrading, and a company here in aus has a malt pipe that hangs from the top of the kettle, and can be slowly drained from underneath. Might be better. For now, I’ll...
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    First lodo biab

    I have been reading up on lodo techniques and saw some of the modifications for BIAB. I have a robo brew, but I still have my BIAB bag. I did the bakers yeast and sugar de oxygenation of the full volume water, lowered the bag super slowly, capped the mash with foil. I can’t really do much about...
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    versatile multi-purpose yeast strain?

    Wlp029 German ale. Super clean, and will make pseudo lagers as well as stout and pale ale, blonde etc. Gets out of the way of hops, ferments predictably every time. On the warm side it gives some esters though it’s not fruity imho. Mightbe controversial but I don’t think it makes good kolsh...
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    WLP835 German Lager X is in Production

    I originally wanted that but couldn’t get it, I read this strain was very similar. When the wyeast one is available I will definitely try it. Either way, I’m very happy with the lager X for adjunct lagers. Very nice
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    WLP835 German Lager X is in Production

    This is my go to lager yeast now, and I’m making more lagers than I ever have. I brew coors “inspired” rice lagers. Not clones, just something along the lines of coors ( hate me if you like haha ). The current batch I’m drinking is the first one where I’ve used yeast slurry from a previous...