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    grr... hop pellets...

    Today I brewed with hop pellets for the first time. Everything seemed to be going well until I tried to fire up my pump and recirculate through my cfc to sterilize it before cooling to my carboys. The damn hops created a crazy sludge at the bottom of the kettle that was almost impossible to get...
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    How do you like your simcoe?

    go big or go home. IPA with simcoe then you'll konw. Don't water down a good thing. Simcoe is my favorite hop. Along with citrus and all that pineapple-ish almost comes to mind... If you havn't brewed with it yet yer missing out. Happy brewing!:rockin:
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    New Brewery Build

    Not sure how our OP plans on it but I can tell you from experience swegelock fittings RULE!!! They come apart very easily. All ya need is a wrench! Careful though, if they have the dual wedge compression rings, as klaude pointed out to me once, stuff can get behind them so ya gotta clean it out...
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    HEEERE chickey, chickey, chickey!!!

    I got a bag of rolled corn chicken feed for kicks and grins. To brew with it I need to gelatinize(sp?) it. How long do ya need to boil it to have that happen? :)
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    New Brewery Build

    Isn't it INSANE the amount of time a project can take. Recently scraped popcorn celing from about 300-400 square feet and hung 130 feet of crown molding. Painted walls, etc... I thought I could get it done in a few long days....... LOL!!! Yeah right... SWEET build man. I love the work and can...
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    Pabst Blue RIbbon malt extract cook book

    hopped donuts...... wonder if there's something to that...
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    Barrel Question

    I'm sure it'd take a TON of solder, but could you just coat one completely in lead free solder? WAY out there idea, most likely be cheaper to just get a brand new stainless, but if so inclined...
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    DIY fruit press

    I used to work in a circuit board shop. I was in drilling. The tables were driven by some crazy long screws and impressivly large servos. After so long the shafts were discarded as they were unfit for tight tolerances. Wonder what kind of fruit press these 6 foot stainless rods with some chuky...
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    What should I build with this?

    boil pot for BIG beers that need extra time in the boil kettle. With all the surface area that thing has it might cut a half hour off of a 2 hour boil... :ban:
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    What is your favorite color? (yeast)

    What is your favorite yeasts? I know everybody loves 1056 but what are other yeasts you like for pale ales, IPA, IIPA, ESB? What about them do you like? For instance I LOVE 2112 california lager for my IPA's. I don't know anyone else who has even tried it, but I LOVE THAT YEAST!!! It is a mellow...
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    SWBO now says cook turkey

    I have that burner he suggests... LOVE IT!!! (course, maybe santa will bring me a banjo burner this year... *starts holding breath*) (On a similar yet completely unrelated note I have 2 propane tanks and no gas bbq... my friends love ribs from my treager and steaks from my old charcoal BBQ but...
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    My 55 year old Frigidaire

    Only problem with them old fridges is they are so small. No room for anything that my fat ass likes. Well, some, but not all, AND YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE DOOR TO GET TO THE FREEZER!!! ARGH!!! They do look sweet though, like a robot from a '30's cereal. My vote is if you have a fridge already tapped...
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    sanitary tri clover keggle conversion

    Man those tri clamps look sweet! On my brewery I use hose barbs and a realllllly flexible silicone tubing with hose clamps. I don't drip much, if any, wort when switching hoses around. With the tri clamps I see potential for lots of wort loss... Is there really a problem with that? Is your...
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    Happiness is: Home malting

    *subscribe* Holy crap, it's late and I can't get through this whole thread... OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You are my hero!!!
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    Is there anybody out there who's got "that" conical?

    Naw, just get an old house with a dumb weighter(sp?).
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    Vegas or Brewing Stuff

    I say vegas. That being said my reasoning is because I havn't made it there yet, and it's only 18ish hours away and I want to go! LOL!!! I wouldn't gamble much... Hit the penny slots for 10 bucks then put a 10 or 20 in the appropriate machine... Odds are WAY against ya but if ya hit it...
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    55 gallon SS drums... Where are they found at what price?

    I've been watching EBAY looking at them, but it's never local. Don't wanna ship an item like that. Every few weeks I hit my local scrap yard, they don't get any, ever, LOL. Craigslist, google, ebay... yeah, been putting in actual effort. Just can't seem to find any localy for a reasonable price...
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    55 gallon SS drums... Where are they found at what price?

    Where do you find SS 55 gallon barrels and how much should you expect to pay? Used, that is... New would be a bit too much, LOL!!!
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    100 gallons...

    How much propane do you go through in a brew day on this rig?
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    Don't Try This at Home - parts 1, 2 and 3

    I talked with a new "commercial" micro brewer about 3 months ago. Former homebrewer making the jump to doing it for a living. He's surviving. It's, for him, a Johnny come lately market. His beers are great but how do you convince a store to clear shelf space for your beers over what they are...