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  1. J

    Gusher infection?

    I brewed my 3rd batch 4 weeks ago. Xtreme Brewing Ginger Saison. It had an OG of 1.072 and after 2 weeks of warm fermenting (80 degrees or so) it had a FG of 1.009. It tasted great when I put it in the bottle 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I put 2 in the fridge for 24 hours and today when I opened one...
  2. J

    My first brew - IBA

    No worries Beer-lord. The reason I posted this was to learn what I could have done wrong and what I could do to fix it in the future. My friends, family and I are loving the results and I am hooked on home brewing. I already brewed a Cream Ale for the summer that is sitting in the primary as...
  3. J

    My first brew - IBA

    I love this beer and the lack of clarity is not impacting my enjoyment of it. My goal is to learn and hopefully improve the next batch.
  4. J

    My first brew - IBA

    1) Yes, there was a nice rolling boil and I chilled it quickly with a wort chiller. 2) Bottles were in the fridge 2 days before serving. I have some in the fridge now that I am waiting a week before opening to see if they are better. 3) I dry hopped into the secondary as recommended by...
  5. J

    My first brew - IBA

    I brewed my first beer on 3/3/2012, it is a Midwest Supplies India Brown Ale. It had a OG of 1.082 and a FG: 1.018. I left it in the primary for a week, moved it into the secondary for 18 days and left it in the bottle 3 weeks before tasting it. The results in terms of flavor is outstanding...