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    We have limits. If you think you've crossed them and have yet to be caught feel free to contact me directly for removal without consequence. We don't discuss bans in public. We never have, and we never will. We all make mistakes and I don't think we need to be dragging people through the mud...
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    Am I crazy, or is my neighbor?

    I have one in the front. I would check with you HOA if you have one, but aside from that, some people just choose to be miserable.
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    Having trouble driving participation in home brew club outside of Facebook.

    Send me a message on Facebook so I can help push it.
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    Unique things to do with your corpse after you die...

    I used to be a funeral director. I want to be dropped in the ground and that's it. Pump me full of chemicals and I will haunt you. Really, it may be vain but why are we doing this? It's gross.
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    How fast can a fermentation be?

    Just so everyone know, we started a site, put it on foreign servers, and you can discuss distillation there. I'm the admin there.
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    Men who sit to pee

    Ever have your friend dip into the water? It's gross. Good point.
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    Said in jest, SWMBO not amused

    My room is filled with toys. My toys. She'll just play with those.
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    Men who sit to pee

    Thank you? Seems like that's it's own reward. Nothing creepy here. Nothing creepy here either. That's a little much. You could have just installed a bucket.
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    Said in jest, SWMBO not amused

    I take that stuff. "Go to your room!" "Ok!" "I'll be there in a sec to get your TV.". "Oh man...Listen, I'm sorry. No one meant to upset you.".
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    2,000 unread emails

    You say that like it's a bad thing. At least someone cares enough to check on you... even if he does want to wear your face as a noggin mask.
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    Men who sit to pee

    Be proud!
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    Show us your SWMBO...

    I'm allergic to metal. Nickel, really, but I seem to have a reaction to all. After I get tattoos I break out heavily, so that was really the thought.
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    Said in jest, SWMBO not amused

    That does suck. My Daughter came home with a bob once and I didn't care for it. I told her I loved it anyways and she whispers "I hate it but mom wanted it. Tell her I don't want it again.". I'm a lucky dude. My daughter is so much like me it's scary. She argues with her mom and when she...
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    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    They bring an adorable tiny puppy and I have to spend the day going "Who's a good dog? Yes it's you. Yes it is! Oh stop giving me kisses.". It's going to be a rough one.
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    Men who sit to pee

    This thread went on a lot longer than I thought it could. Well done sitters.
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    Show us your SWMBO...

    I know people that don't wear them. Mine is tattooed on. So is my wife's. People have one of two minds about it. "Awwww. That's awesome!" or "Woooooow. That's stupid.". I tend to agree with them.
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    How come...

    I do eat torrified grains. Those things are delicious!
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    Best Bitter Old Speckled Hen

    This is my favorite beer. Just for the record.
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    I just got one. Will be posting the review for the main page in a week or so.
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    Need some new post buttons.

    I've been asked before, and I prefer to keep things positive. If it's not a good thread it will die.