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  1. IslandLizard

    What esters does saccharomyces cerevisiae or bakers yeast produce when making a mead?

    Why spend $20+ on honey and skimp on a $3 sachet of wine or mead yeast? "Brewers' yeasts" are specially cultivated for their excellent flavor/aroma characteristics, cleanliness, flocculation habits, alcohol tolerance and such.
  2. IslandLizard

    Wanted Wanted to buy - Used cask (pin)

    100% Nitrogen (N2)! And not beer gas (a mix of N2 + CO2). Nitrogen is an inert gas to beer, and won't be absorbed much when not under pressure. You're just filling the headspace with an inert gas, protecting it, so your cask beer stays fresh and won't slowly oxidize.
  3. IslandLizard

    Wanted Wanted to buy - Used cask (pin)

    Can you use a small corny keg on its side? Another thought, supplying nitrogen from a bladder will keep your "cask" beer better for longer.
  4. IslandLizard

    Mash tun too big??

    It would help to put a 2nd, real lid on the top, so the (hot) inner wall isn't exposed to (cold) air.
  5. IslandLizard

    Gee whiz, what are you guys doing for corn these days?

    I get much better mash efficiency by pre-boiling "flaked" corn in ample water for 30-45 minutes prior to the mash. Certainly noticeable when used at higher grist %. After the "corn boil" I add the remainder of the strike water and the rest of the grist. Same for whole kernel rice, but never used...
  6. IslandLizard

    Mash tun too big??

    Are you using it outside, cold weather, wind? Have you tried extra insulation around the tun, and on top of the lid? Such as 2 or 3 layers of Reflectix and/or some thick (moving) blankets or an old sleeping bag. Also putting the tun on top of some (dense) styrofoam or a double or triple layer...
  7. IslandLizard

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Early crops of Belma (around 2013) had a subtle strawberry-like aroma and flavor and may not be for everyone. Not sure if that's still their expected profile. I made a SMASH Pale Ale with it back in those early Belma days, and needed quite a bit of dry hops to get them to shine. A hopstand or...
  8. IslandLizard

    If my Snow White bottling yeast falls asleep, what wakes her up?

    Bottle conditioning for 2-3 weeks at 68-72F should suffice. If below 68F probably add a week for every 2-3 degrees lower, as long as it doesn't drop below 62-64F. It also depends somewhat on the bottling yeast strain and the kind of priming sugars used. The beer's alcohol percentage plays a...
  9. IslandLizard

    New to mead brewing

    I'd transfer at least 1/2 a liter out into another jar/jug to let that ferment by itself. And as much as 1 liter if you're not controlling ferm temps toward the cooler end (15C).
  10. IslandLizard

    Gee whiz, what are you guys doing for corn these days?

    I like ALDI too, but found their old stores/format more to my style than the current ones, where it feels like stepping into a Black Mirror episode. :D Currently we've been buying rice at Sam's Club or Costco. But also have gotten them at a Chinese or Indian market. Usually big 50# sacks. At...
  11. IslandLizard

    When is "full"

    Where do you get your RO water? And why are you boiling and then cooling it? RO water should be perfectly potable without doing that. You can carbonate it as is, while it's cooling to 32-34°C. That's not an easy way for doing at home. Even in a lab that method would be a challenge...
  12. IslandLizard

    Beer kits in a can…. Anyone else?

    That may mean that the kits are "freshly" assembled (per order), but it does not imply freshness of the extract itself. IOW, the extract may be freshly poured (from barrels) but the age of the extract, and how it was stored, is most important.
  13. IslandLizard

    Height of whirlpool/circulation inlet

    Any height between 1/3 to 1/2 way up the kettle should work fine, mine is in that range. I'm not sure if positioning height is all that critical, but put it low enough so you can use it for smaller (half size) batches. Are you putting an angled outlet tube on the inside of the new port to get...
  14. IslandLizard

    Newb scorches LME

  15. IslandLizard

    Newb scorches LME

    To @mac_1103 and @BrewnWKopperKat Please tone it down! You both have valid points, keep the discussion civil.
  16. IslandLizard

    Is there a gruit recipe for those who don't know the jargon?

    The OP lists his location as France, so brew ingredients may not be as widely available as in the U.S. I'm not familiar with gruits and its ingredients, so I can't help you there. But malting then roasting your own (specialty) malts on small scale is very doable.
  17. IslandLizard

    Flaked Rice - attenuation & mash time

    Why not do a simple batch sparge after lautering the main mash? I'm quite sure you'd improve mash efficiency with 10-15% net, instantly. You could use cold water, or just keep some hot/warm water in a bucket or gott.
  18. IslandLizard

    Flaked Rice - attenuation & mash time

    I've found (pre)boiling flaked corn for 40-60 minutes in ample water, prior to the mash, giving better mash efficiency in a regular 1 hour mash. Of course this is most noticeable when using flaked corn at higher percentages in the grist. I wouldn't be surprised the same holding true for flaked...
  19. IslandLizard

    Brew-Boss connectivity issue

    These pictures are linked to your Google Drive account, and are not visible here. Please attach them directly to your post.
  20. IslandLizard

    Brew-Boss connectivity issue

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