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    Is this too left-field???

    I am surprised by the silence. I think it should add some nice character and structure to the cider.
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    Aging on lees (sur lies) - still cider…

    Never done it, but watching thread!
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    Compost bucket sour?

    Do you have a spouse, partner, or good friend you could talk with about this? I would suggest starting there, perhaps they could talk you away from the cliff.
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    Post-bottling Residue

    If you back sweetened without stabilizing, it is a pretty good chance that fermentation restarted.
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    Lookkng for help with my recipe!

    Cherries have never worked out well for me, they always taste like cough syrup. I might try again someday with tart cherries.
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    It's been a year ...

    ... since I last made mead. I just didn't harvest enough honey in 2023! The mead stocks are getting low, but I am making an all out push to get a good honey harvest this year. I think it will work out, and I won't run out of mead. I hope.
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    Does Erythritol break down over time?

    I have not noted this in my cysers from 2022.
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    Cider too tart

    Sorry for my slow response. You will have to work it out by taste, but in looking at my notes for a batch a few months ago, I added 6 tsp to 32 oz swingtop bottles (I add directly in the bottle.) I haven't opened any of those yet, so I cannot comment on the result.
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    What's your favorite regular mead?

    I am a beekeeper, and make all my meads with my own (wildflower) honey. It turns out quite nice, using K1V-1116, fermented at the lower end of its temperature range, about 10% ABV, and just off-dry.
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    Questions about first mead

    I missed something - what suggests that the yeast is still active? I don't see a change in SG, so is this based on bubbling? If so, bubbling or not is not a reliable indicator of yeast activity. I am guessing your yeast is done.
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    Is this a good idea?

    I have never fermented citrus, but I understand it can be challenging due to the acidity. I have also heard that it doesn't taste all that good when fermented, words like "vomit" have been used to describe the taste. That said, skeeter pee is a popular fermented lemon beverage. Look it up, it...
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    Residential solar in 2023

    I look at solar every few years. I really want it, but my electric bill is so low, it just doesn't make sense. About $85/month, Summer or Winter, that with a PHEV (Volt) in the carport. Of course no air-conditioning in the summer, and wood heat in the winter really helps. Given a more...
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    Questions about first mead

    Oh, we all claim to be from NOLA ...
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    Bottle Carbo experiment

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    Questions about first mead

    Take the readings, they will tell you what you need to know. I wouldn't add more sorbate. Let it stay dry, or if it absolutely needs it, add a non-fermentable sweetener. PS your user name caught my eye. I grew up in Kenner. It has been many years since my last visit, I gotta go back to visit...
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    Is my mead okay

    Not a problem. Join us over in the mead forum!
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    Topping carboy with beeswax?

    Not an issue, it will ferment and clear with minimal additional residue.
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    Topping carboy with beeswax?

    I assume this is for secondary? If so, top with unfermented must, juice, or (my favorite) another mead. If you are talking about primary, oxidation shouldn't be a problem unless you leave it there for an awful long time.
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    Why sweet first sip, but second later very bitter after taste

    If not yet bottled, try making it. If bottled, try aging it for a year. Edit: correction, the above should have said, "If not yet bottled, try oaking it."
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    Back-sweetening after stabilizing

    It will be fine.