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  1. Komodo

    OVER-attenuated Barleywine

    I just did a Pliny clone, and tasted a sample when measuring FG. It thought it was going to be too thin. When it carbed up it was a completely different beer. It’s fantastic now.
  2. Komodo

    Help Me Build My Home Brewery Setup on My Budget.

    I just rebuilt my whole system from the ground up, and this was central to the whole process. I have three gallon kegs, so 3G, 6G, or even 9G batches. All equipment was built around that. In the past I brewed 10G and bottled. I built a system based on what @Bobby_M has put together...
  3. Komodo

    High Gravity Question(s)

    Two things off the top of my head after brewing a 15% RIS very similar to Bourbon County: 1. Gauging how much bourbon aroma/flavor you will get from the oak is extremely difficult. You can age in a used barrel, you can add oak into the fermenter/aging vessel that have been previously used to age...
  4. Komodo

    Turning my smaller kettle into a malt pipe

    I've been building a BAIB system based on the Brew Hardware version, but I really wanted a malt pipe vs a bag. I've gone through a few vessels to find one that fits inside the main kettle with as little dead space as possible. What I have now is a Spike 15 gallon kettle with a Brewer's Best 15...
  5. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    1. Here. 2. yes 3. Just the Topsflo, which draws 1.2A
  6. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    @doug293cz One last question: The little ammeter reads 23A, where my clamp meter reads 19.5A which sounds closer to what a 4500watt element would do. I got the ammeter at Auber and didn’t expect a lot from it, but wonder if it could be tweaked to be closer? Do you think a resistor in series...
  7. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    Thanks again @doug293cz for your design and help! I ran a 30A gfci 10/3 circuit, and built the controller with no issue. It fired right up and works splendidly. The only hitch was I added one of those small round ammeters, and had it upside down. My wife and I spent a couple minutes trying to...
  8. Komodo

    Beginners Advice?

    Keep your recipes simple. Alter found recipes to make them more simple. Reduce the number of grains. Think about making soup, if you add 15 types of additions or spices you won’t taste them. Do one or two and make them the star. Avoid all the orange chocolate peanut butter porter type recipes...
  9. Komodo

    AIO or ?

    I’ve been considering this exact thing as I finish my ebiab controller, and coming from a propane burner where I would always have an extra tank just in case. Does anyone keep spare parts around, and if so what would be most likely failure points on brew day? I was considering having a backup...
  10. Komodo

    Trouble with DuoTight system

    Yeah, I'd keep the faucet wide open and adjust it at the QD.
  11. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    @doug293cz I'm deep into the build, have all the parts and am currently drilling and cutting the enclosure. One thing I'm wondering about is case grounding. Should I do a star ground right where the ground wire comes into the enclosure, where the pump outlet ground connects? Also, if this is...
  12. Komodo

    Munich and Rye in a Roggenbier

    I’m great with brewing notes, but horrible about keeping tasting notes. But the beer I used the in that had a nice crisp quality was done with WLP568. All I brewed were Belgians at the time, doing free rising ferments, etc. No doubt the yeast did it, and I was considering using a Belgian yeast...
  13. Komodo

    Munich and Rye in a Roggenbier

    I thought the rye (not Crisp malting) in my Saison added a little peppery edge, maybe it could be attributed to something else but it was a recipe I had done before and that was the only change. The 100L was for color and rye layering. I believe that came from an article I read on Roggenbier...
  14. Komodo

    Munich and Rye in a Roggenbier

    I don’t want to hijack here, but I’m working up a sort of imperial red - fall type something and have some Munich and rye in there. I’m curious to hear from the heavy rye users your opinions on the lower thresholds. I’ve used some rye in a saison and loved what it added. I’m looking to get an...
  15. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    Thanks again @doug293cz, your help is really invaluable. I’ve reviewed the link you sent, and your schematic. I’ve got a couple followup questions. -I’ve seen varying recommendations for fuse values for these locations. I’m going to stick with what you have, but what about fast or slo blow...
  16. Komodo

    This is not beer ... So what is it?

    You may find this really interesting. Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation
  17. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    @doug293cz I've got this all in a cart, and I've just got a few questions: -Main power switch: I've grabbed an illuminated SW16. The way this is designed, will that work? My guess is it would illuminate when the switch is turned, but what I don't know is will the element just have power or will...
  18. Komodo

    NEW Product Announcement - Spike Solo Panel

    I'm literally shopping for panels this very second. Good timing.
  19. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    Thanks @doug293cz I’ll put all this stuff in a cart and see where it lands. Do you have any sense if sourcing it all from Auber would be much less than their kit? Or alternate sources that make it more economical?
  20. Komodo

    Temp controller just for temp monitoring

    Switching from propane to electric. Am handy, I've done quite a bit of electronics but I have to have a recipe to follow (red wire connects, here and here), I am not a schematic reader. I'd build the panel, but don't have a sense of how much less you could build it for rather than buying...