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  1. DrunkenWeasel

    I'm dying ...

  2. DrunkenWeasel

    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Very little anymore. When I was getting started I found BYO & Zymurgy engaging. I relied upon HBT to help visualize new equipment builds and capture some best practices on how to assemble my own brewing equipment. I transitioned from those to a lot of books and academic literature...
  3. DrunkenWeasel

    Distillation equipment

    I use a 240/5500 Blichman BrewEasy setup with the 30gal pots for brewing. 2x Ferminators mounted in upright freezers for fermentation. I went through 3 separate brewery set-ups before settling on my current brewing setup, and wish I had made the appropriate investments early. Is there a way...
  4. DrunkenWeasel

    another pump question

    Can you post a link to the pump you use or a similar model and provide some comments on how your system performs? Thanks.
  5. DrunkenWeasel

    True Gdm10 conversion to fermenter

    I recently converted a T-19F and I simply replaced the installed analog thermostat with the STC 1000. Chasing the wires took more time than expected, but after identifying a common and the power in, it was pretty simple. I used a segment of an outdoor extension cord for the hot side and...
  6. DrunkenWeasel

    Pro & Cons of Conicals

    As the owner of 5 carboys, numerous buckets, and now two SS conicals; I offer the following as the primary advantages of the conical: 1) Trub settles into the bottom and has a reduced surface area that contacts the beer. That combined with the ability to dump the trub, negates the need to...
  7. DrunkenWeasel

    Colorado GABF tickets (Fri pairing and/or Sat night) @ cost

    I have the following tickets to the Great American Beer Festival for sale. I am asking only to cover the ticket cost + $1.00 to cover the ticketmaster fee. 2x tickets to the Friday evening Paired / Farm to table tickets ($146/ea) Tickets are digitally transferable via ticketmaster upon...
  8. DrunkenWeasel

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Saq's The Pious Westvleteren 12 Style Quad Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit. WIN WIN WIN!
  9. DrunkenWeasel

    Coldbreak Brewing HERMS Giveaway!

    Sign me up.
  10. DrunkenWeasel

    Easy & Cheap Stainless Vent Hood

    Would one of you please elaborate on how you cut the hole in the bowl? Did you use any special technique to get a clean, round cut, or did you just drill a hole and use a jig saw to cut out from there? **Disregard, the dremel tool got the job done nicely**
  11. DrunkenWeasel

    Easy & Cheap Stainless Vent Hood

    You know that feeling you get when you've been pondering a problem for a while, only to discover that someone has already come up with a much better solution than what you had envisioned? That's exactly how I feel after reading your post. Thanks!
  12. DrunkenWeasel

    Colorado Springs Brew Clubs?

    Just moved to the area and looking to tap into the homebrewing networks. Are the Brew Brothers still the active group?
  13. DrunkenWeasel

    BrewsbySmith Open Entry Giveaway - Get Entered Now!

    Would love to have one of these units.