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  1. Rick_R

    A couple of kegerator questions

    Mine came in and I took one look inside the top of the tower and decided to try it with the attached lines, because it looked like it would be "a PAIN to work in to replace the lines." :cross: I decided I'd try then as they were, figuring I could always change them out later. Got it set up...
  2. Rick_R

    Kegerator Help

    Sounds as if you have already made your decision, but for general info Walmart online normally ships for free to your local Walmart (trucks are already going there, right). Not sure it applies in Canada, but I've used it for US purchases. Same is true for Home Depot, Lowe's, and likely many...
  3. Rick_R

    A couple of kegerator questions

    hifidelity: thanks for the info on removing the clamps. I've got a couple of sizes of needle nose pliers so hopefully can get the clamps that way. Also glad to hear the positive report on the kegerator. pvpeacock: I ordered the unit with two D-System keg taps, which the info said works with...
  4. Rick_R

    A couple of kegerator questions

    Hmm. What sort of clamps? Standard worm drive hose clamps? And how do you get into the tap tower to attach 'em? Yes. I'm hoping to add a corny keg of homebrew at some point in the future, and over time move to just homebrew. Thanks for the reply and info, I'm looking forward to...
  5. Rick_R

    A couple of kegerator questions

    Thanks for the reply and the info. I did order 36' of hose, so plan to put 12' per tap and trim as/if needed. Kegerator is supposed to arrive next week, will probably be the weekend before I can set it up, so plan to buy a couple of kegs the following week to install. I've called a couple of...
  6. Rick_R

    A couple of kegerator questions

    Over the weekend I ordered the Kegco K209B-3 with the stainless tower and Perlick 630SS faucet upgrade, and also added the "Draftec Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Kit w/ 32 oz. Cleaner.” Then (from another company) I ordered 36’ of "Ultra Barrier Silver™ Antimicrobial...
  7. Rick_R

    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    Feel free to send it my way.
  8. Rick_R

    [timewaster] Fantastic Contraptions

    I do like this one. I don't have time to like this one, but I do like this one. Thanks for the link. Rick
  9. Rick_R

    Mint Beer?

    While I've no desire to add mint to my beer (but not knocking it for you), it did make me think about how to go about such without the possibility of ruining an entire batch. I guess I'm wondering on this or any other such idea, how similar a taste would you get if you, say, added a few (or...
  10. Rick_R

    Never Ending Word Thread

    edit: food (saw the pollock post for some reason) art (10 char)
  11. Rick_R

    Free Streaming College Football Site?

    I think the freebies are all gone; may be some around for lower division schools, but the big guys see it as a money maker. Rick
  12. Rick_R

    Does my aerator work?

    When I used a pump and air stone, I got what's in the photo below. I'd think you would see something. Rick
  13. Rick_R

    fishing score!

    Well, I know what bait is, but I'm totally lost on the rest. Wouldn't know if four dollars or four thousand dollars would be a good buy, so won't hazard a guess at the price. :) Rick
  14. Rick_R

    Airlock heaven!

    I love the double-bubble glass ones. Nice score! Rick
  15. Rick_R

    Yeast washing question

    Have only done this once or twice, but I don't see what not (obligatory sanitation speech); keep in mind, though, the bottom is yeast/trub, so you'll need to go through the "washing" steps. Of course, you could carefully pour as well - that's what I did. I mixed in some bottled water, swirled...
  16. Rick_R

    Never Ending Word Thread

    Bugs (10 char)
  17. Rick_R

    Ok to add more sugar at 1st racking

    If you are talking about when you move it from primary to secondary, you can; you should boil the sugar in some water to kill any nasties, then cool down to the temperature of the fermenting beer. All standard sanitation rules apply. Rick
  18. Rick_R

    Never Ending Word Thread

  19. Rick_R

    Bad day in the Underworld

    One of them there small gears wobbled a tad in this clockwork crime. Stolen in Airport Robbery (part way down) Carrying out a robbery at Penang International Airport, a group of thieves made off with a bag of snack cakes instead of a bag of money. Four brazen robbers, two armed with...