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  1. Brewers Hardware

    Brewer's Hardware jacketed conical / unitank. Full Review

    What @Elfmaze said is pretty right on. The glycol ports are 1/4" Female NPT so you could do quick disconnects or just a 1/4" Male NPT x barb will work.
  2. Brewers Hardware

    Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday @ Brewers Hardware

    Our Black Friday gift card deal is live now through Cyber Monday! Free $10 gift card with orders between $100-$250 Free $40 gift card with orders between $250-$500 Free $75 gift card with orders over $500
  3. Brewers Hardware

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    Bodhi Leaf had a sale on honey processed beans so I picked up a few to try out. Roasted this Costa Rican Villa Sarchi Honey up today so we'll see how it turns out.
  4. Brewers Hardware

    Love Golf?

    You need to get one of those 72 degree wedges. Flop that bad boy over anything. :)
  5. Brewers Hardware

    wilserbrewer BIAB bags

    Totally agree. Only reason I ever had to replace mine was when I got lazy and didn't clean it out right away...Probably could have salvaged it but didn't think it was worth the risk. Love the bags!
  6. Brewers Hardware

    Video consoles: What should I buy, I'm bored.

    PS4 and PC are my go to. Never did like the Xbox controllers.
  7. Brewers Hardware

    Been Awhile!

    For some newer stuff I've been digging Clawhammer's videos. Chop and Brew is a classic and I always love Chip's content.
  8. Brewers Hardware

    Quick fermentation, then... nothing

    Sounds like you just had a very healthy fermentation. I've had yeast rip through beers and be done in a couple of days and others that liked to take their time.
  9. Brewers Hardware

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    Thanks! A buddy got me a beginner kit for Christmas which included a popcorn roaster and like 6 pounds of coffee... I fell in love instantly. Beans turned out pretty good on the popcorn roaster but I wanted to be able to control the temperature a bit more so I upgraded to a SR800. I'm still...
  10. Brewers Hardware

    ☕ Coffee ☕: Ingredients, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing, and Tasting

    Roasted up some new beans I got from Sweet Maria's. Turned out pretty good. I've only been roasting for a few months but I think these turned out to be around a full city roast. I prefer roasts a little on the lighter side.
  11. Brewers Hardware

    Great book for beginning brewers.

    The Brewing Elements series (Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water) is a great resource and a good way to jump in the deep end as a beginner.
  12. Brewers Hardware’s been a year

    How'd the brew day go? Love the setup. Clean, organized, and comfy. :mug:
  13. Brewers Hardware

    Keezer Project in CT

    Yeah unfortunately the timing is bad to find a cheap chest freezer at the moment. I bet once things calm down though the used market like craigslist will flooded with freezers.
  14. Brewers Hardware

    Electric 10G Basement brewery build. "sorta"

    Beautiful house and a beautiful setup. Thanks for sharing! Looks very well thought out and a clean build. Hope the English IPA turns out fantastic! :mug:
  15. Brewers Hardware

    Fan for Keezer

    I use this fan with one of the dehumidifiers @LittleRiver linked and have been pretty happy with the setup.
  16. Brewers Hardware

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Just watched The Platform last night. Pretty solid Spanish film. I guess I would classify it as a futuristic thriller.
  17. Brewers Hardware

    Brewing in a Basket - Focused Forum

    Yep, right here.
  18. Brewers Hardware

    Smack pack issues

    The yeast could have been old. Know what the use by date was? I've had pretty good luck with smack packs but it usually only takes a few hours to fully swell.
  19. Brewers Hardware

    Here I go

    It's rockin' and rollin'! :mug:
  20. Brewers Hardware

    guidance needed for smoker recommendations

    I don't have this one personally but I've heard good things. Anyone familiar with the old country bbq pits?