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  1. JimRausch

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Did a Kolsch this morning. First kolsch I've done since 2017. More than about time!
  2. JimRausch

    Summer 2023 Corny Keg "Giveaway

    oops misread the question. A 5G cylinder should do 8-10.
  3. JimRausch

    Summer 2023 Corny Keg "Giveaway

    20-30, although honestly it depends on a lot of different factors.
  4. JimRausch

    How many gallons of Mead, 2022!

    170.7 + 1G Strawberry/Rhubarb melomel =171.7
  5. JimRausch

    Random Picture Thread

    Them gosh-darn, good for nothing tick bearing Varmints. (I've picked 3 embedded deer ticks off myself in the past 2 days, plus two crawlers). Just saw a notice in the paper- They are going to start a Lyme vaccine trial in Maine the next couple months. Sign Me Up!
  6. JimRausch

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    2503 + 5.5G Proxima Pangea aka Big Brew 2020 NEIPA + 5.5G Nova Scotia PA (spruce tip PA) = 2,514
  7. JimRausch

    How many gallons of Mead, 2022!

    Forgot I started a 1G Acerglyn 3/14. Just remembered because I racked it for the first time today. so, 143.2 + 1 = 144.2
  8. JimRausch

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    1,040.5 + 5.5G Clarence Stout = 1,046
  9. JimRausch

    Dumb question

    I do a 1 gallon peach mead from time-to-time, and found it takes about 8 lb of fresh peaches in the one gallon to make the peach flavor come out. I do peel them, freeze, thaw and smush then refreeze, and add them at the beginning.
  10. JimRausch

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    752 +5G Maine Maple Slobber +5G Valentines Irish Red = 762
  11. JimRausch


    I'm surprised no one has replied. Botton line- You'll make mead. Will it be good? You'll have to let us know. :mug:
  12. JimRausch

    Seedling pear wine with seeds

    I pressed 2 batches of cider last year. Both included about 150 lbs of various apples and about 30 lbs of pears. Pears have some sorbitol (or is it xylitol?) which adds a little sweetness to the finished product. I let the buckets sit in my garage for a couple weeks to ripen and 'sweat', then...
  13. JimRausch

    Strong cider need to lighten up.

    Here's another thought. If you live in an area where it gets below freezing, then freeze it, collect the drippings and voila you have made applejack. I just did that yesterday with a 3 gallon batch of cider that I fermented out to 16% (added fajc to the fresh cider to up the OG). Collected 1...
  14. JimRausch

    34/70 problem?

    34/70 generally finishes with a greater attenuation than stated for me as well. However, the malty flavor and mouth feel I'm looking for in my Vienna , Marzen, and Bock lagers are still there. I do prefer WY2208 or 2306 in general, but have no problems with using a couple packets of 34/70 if I'm...
  15. JimRausch

    Shaken Not Stirred Advice

    You can always use the true 'shaken not stirred' Vitality starter method. Start it about 12 hours before you plan on pitching, and pitch the whole thing at peak of High krausen. Since reading about this method from Denny a few years back, and checking his research that backs it up, this is what...
  16. JimRausch

    1.144: is this just a bad idea?

    Yeah, I'm going to be THAT guy. While one pack of Notty should be able to ferment a one G batch without any problem, I would be worried about the osmotic pressure that an OG of 1.144 would have. The yeast may not like it and never start. If it were me, I would start with a lower OG in the...
  17. JimRausch

    What is your strangest brew day mishap?

    A few years back I was GOING TO brew an Irish Red. Completed the mash- exactly where I was predicting, great color, just everything perfect. So I lift the 7 gallons of wort to walk the kettle over to the burner, just like I've down a hundred times before. Except this time I tripped. And spilled...
  18. JimRausch

    My next three batches

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that plans ahead. Last weekend, I put together on Beersmith my next 5 brews. Should take me through late April-May.
  19. JimRausch

    Long time all grain brewer going back to extract and I'm glad I did.

    Very Good Point! I do this as well. It's also always a good idea to have some DME on hand in case your mash efficiency doesn't turn out the way you want it to be, and your projected OG will be low.
  20. JimRausch

    Long time all grain brewer going back to extract and I'm glad I did.

    The Caribou Slobber is the only amber that I have done as an extract, so really can't say if it's a trend with Ambers, or just the one. I did it as an extract kit back years ago and liked it a lot. The next year I did it as AG, and it just seemed to be missing something. So I did it again as...