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  1. myndflyte

    Need advice brewing with well water and on a septic system

    I also have a well and septic system and I've always dumped star san and stuff just down the drain. I doubt it really does anything to destroy much bacteria. Plus I'm also running leftover trub down there after fermentation. I don't use my well water to brew though, I just buy the big 5 gallon...
  2. myndflyte

    Tilt Hydrometer reading wrong SG wort

    I've found the Tilt is always a bit off from my final hydrometer reading. I rely on the Tilt to give me a representation of what fermentation is doing, not so much what the actually gravity is. That being said, the numbers aren't usually that far off, but like others have said, measuring...
  3. myndflyte

    Free Test INKBIRD SOVIDER Juicer Machines

    I'd love to test it out.
  4. myndflyte

    Newbie question

    For the most part, you can just half everything. The best way would be to put the recipe into a brewing calculator with the original volume, make note of the starting OG and IBUs and then reduce the volume by half and adjust the malt and hops to reach that OG and IBU. The software I use...
  5. myndflyte

    Keg post question for force carb

    It's supposed to carb it faster but hooking it up to 30 psi on the gas post for 2 or 3 days carbs it up quick enough. So to me, it sounds like screwing around with something to speed up a process that already happens pretty quick. That being said, the only time I do actually carb through the...
  6. myndflyte

    Mash Tun

    Totally missed that you wanted to move away from BIAB. I would suggest just using the bag in the cooler. Once the mash it done, pull the bag out and drain the mash tun. But if it rectangular and you don't want to get a bag that fits a rectangular cooler, you may have no other option. I initially...
  7. myndflyte

    Mash Tun

    Did a bunch of BIAB mashes in a 10 gallon cooler until I switched to electric. A no need to rig up a manifold since you're using a bag. I'd suggest putting a ball valve on it to make transfers easier.
  8. myndflyte

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    I'm brewing this up today. Unfortunately, my home brew shop was out of Denny's yeast so I'm rolling with American Ale II, so I'm hoping it turns out as well as it has the past few years.
  9. myndflyte

    Closed transfer question

    That's basically how I found out. I have a QD and hose going into sanitizer on the gas post and when beer started coming out of that post, I knew I filled it a bit too much.
  10. myndflyte

    Anvil Foundry sparge or no sparge?

    I initially didn't sparge with the foundry but I've found that I get better efficiency if I sparge with 2 gallons. That being said, I don't use the basket and instead have a false bottom and bag so I have very little dead space. Sparging with 2 gallons in the basket might be a pretty thick mash.
  11. myndflyte

    What's The Best Deal You've Gotten on brewing Equipment?

    For $150, I got a 5 tap keezer which could fit 6 kegs so I drilled another hole. With it, I got 6 corny kegs, a 6 output manifold, a 2 gauge gas manifold, 10 gal CO2 tank with regulator and a bunch of extra parts including about 50 keg gaskets, and sanke hookup. I replaced all the shanks and...
  12. myndflyte

    Cane sugar for bottling?

    I've always used cane sugar since that's what I had around. Never had issues with it carbing up.
  13. myndflyte

    Anvil Foundry 6.5

    If you're looking for new, sign up for their mailing list and you'll get emails for when they are taking orders.
  14. myndflyte

    Evabarrier right angle

    Well that's good to hear. I bought the 90 degree elbow so I'll just give it a shot and yeah, like you, I'm only using it on the liquid side. I'm just going with the normal tubing for the gas.
  15. myndflyte

    Evabarrier right angle

    So I scored a new keezer and decided for this one, I wanted to use Evabarrier on the liquid side. It can fit 6 kegs but things get a little tight in there so to help make it easier to get kegs in and out, I was thinking about using the right angle connector right off the shank. Has anyone used...
  16. myndflyte

    CFC chilling in a single gravity fed pass straight to fermenter?

    I thought the same thing until I got a pump. After that, I don't know why I never had one before. I do BIAB too but I still recirculate during the mash and no more lifting 6 gallons of wort to gravity transfer it to the fermenter. And I thought I'd never own a plate chiller until I saw one in...
  17. myndflyte

    FAST GIVEAWAY for Inkbird ITC-310T-B Temperature Contrller - Only last for 24 hrs!!

    Could always use another temperature controller.
  18. myndflyte


    I'm using a refractometer. And I'm not too concerned on that because the post-boil reading from the refractometer and hydrometer are very close. And I obviously let the sample cool before checking with the refractometer.