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  1. kempshark

    Who has used fresh Dragonfruit in mead?

    The yellow (outside skin is yellow) dragon fruit are by far the sweetest of them, but are also the most expensive too
  2. kempshark

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Mead Ideas

    I know one meadery boils the peanuts, strains them from the water, then chills the water so the fat solidifies, removes the fats/oils and uses the peanut flavored water to make the mead
  3. kempshark

    using nuts...?

    I know an award winning local meadery here uses peanuts to make peanut butter and "jelly" meads using different fruits. They actually boil the peanuts, then chill the peanut water to remove the fat/oils. They then use that water to make the mead, but this imparts a strong peanut butter aroma...
  4. kempshark

    Adding in concentrated fruit juice?

    If you want more sweetness I would advise to make sure your original or starting gravity is where it needs to be for your chosen yeast to hit the abv you want....once it has finished fermenting stable gravity for three readings in a row over 3-5 days...then stabilize and back sweeten to the FG...
  5. kempshark

    Adding in concentrated fruit juice?

    Adding fruit or fruit juice concentrate in primary or secondary would add different flavors ... adding in primary and letting it ferment during primary fermentation would add more of a fruit wine taste of that fruit and some of the more delicate aromas would likely blow off during...
  6. kempshark

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Luckily there is no shortage of SE Asian stores in my area. I can buy a 5 pound bag of MSG for just under $8. Incredibly cheaper than buying the little bottles/containers in the American stores.
  7. kempshark

    Peanut butter problems?

    Local Meadery near me boils the peanuts, then cools the liquid, skims off the fat and then uses it to make some award winning peanut butter and jelly meads...their’s are incredible
  8. kempshark

    Skeeter Pee - Starting with Dry Yeast

    Thinking about making some of this, but more of a lime version (I and he wife both prefer lime to lemon)...have heard best to do 2/3 lemon and 1/3 lime....will have to decide....have never even tasted the normal recipe, so should maybe just do the lemon/lime before thinking about adding other...
  9. kempshark

    Cherry Pomegranate Apple Cider "Sweet n' Cheap"

    By Danstar Strong Belgian, do you mean their Abbaye Ale Yeast?....
  10. kempshark

    Training Wheels Berliner - good intro to sours

    Thanks for the replies....that should make things a little easier...
  11. kempshark

    Training Wheels Berliner - good intro to sours

    Maybe a dumb question, but for those of you purging the headspace in your kettle for kettle there any type of small set-up maybe using the little 16 gram CO2 cartridges (maybe too small) or something a little larger for those of us that don’t have keg set-ups yet?... just...
  12. kempshark

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    Looks/sounds great!....recipe you’d care to share?
  13. kempshark

    What did I cook this weekend.....

    That's okay, you could have left out the beer!....than again, I'm a stout guy!!
  14. kempshark

    Bray's One Month Mead

    Thanks, somehow I missed that one before....that should be a helpful read and asset....
  15. kempshark

    Bray's One Month Mead

    Thanks, I’ve read that already....I was just trying to get a little more specific to the secondary on the fruit and keeping the FG high enough for a sweet Mead outcome....figured maybe would shoot for about 14% abv....will be first try making mead for me
  16. kempshark

    Bray's One Month Mead

    So, I’m sure I could find most of this info in the last 149 pages or so, but figured it may be quicker just to ask. I like sweet (or at least semi-sweet) Mead and want to make a melomel using mixed frozen berries. If I use enough honey for an OG of @ 1.150 and therefore a FG of @ 1.030...
  17. kempshark

    [Activity] Giveaway for Inkbird ITC-1000 Temperature Controller

    United States.....use for a beer cellar!