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  1. porterpounder

    Late boil / “flavor” hop necessary?

    The more hops you use the later in the process, the more flavor and aroma you generally get. Commerically, most of the brewers I know and breweries I've worked for add a tiny bit of hops in the whirlpool and make up the rest with dry-hopping with great results. Dry hopping under pressure, which...
  2. porterpounder

    Bourbon barrel porter - can’t taste bourbon?

    Sometimes it takes a couple weeks for the spirit flavor to come forward and in my experience carbonation makes bourbon pop pretty aggressively. The beauty of homebrewing is that you can just add bourbon right to the finished beer to taste. The spirit is bottled at its perfect drinking point, so...
  3. porterpounder

    Will a MR BEER LME can go bad?

    May be a fun experiment if that can isn't swollen, but I would toss it.
  4. porterpounder

    2 weeks and lager is still churning away

    First gen lager yeast can be very lazy when it's not fresh. Your numbers and process look good, but may you just didn't get that 1.4 mil/ml/P you were aiming for in the starter. As long as it smells and tastes good, ride it out.
  5. porterpounder

    Imperial Juice yeast low attenuation?

    What was you mash temp and is you thermometer calibrated? If you let it slide too high then all the attenuative yeast in the world won't take you to a lower FG.
  6. porterpounder

    Tart Hefeweizen

    Do you have an inline filter on you aeration pump line and are you sanitizing that line and stone? If you're pumping unfiltered room air into your wort through unsanitized line you can easily pick up some bugs. Dry yeast doesn't lead to tart beer unless it's a yeast that is designed to so so...
  7. porterpounder

    Does water chemistry affect acetaldehyde production?

    Looking at your process I'd guess that unless you're pressurizing your fermenter after primary fermentation is actively finished (usually 5-7 days) then you're leaving your beer unprotected from oxygen ingress by keeping it in the fermenter for 4 weeks. Darker beers will hold up better to...
  8. porterpounder

    Stuck Fermentation?

    How much lactose did you use? With a lb to 5 gal I usually don't see a beer that bbi go far below 1.035. Give it a good swirl a few times a day and bump the temp up into the low/ mid 70s and check again in a week.
  9. porterpounder

    Growing yeast in a small beer for a big beer

    Rehydrate your yeast prior to pitching to make sure you get maximum viability. That will help initial fermentation and also help make sure the T58 doesn't crap out early, which I've seen it do many times. Going to 1.100 from 1.050 you can estimate that 1/2 to 3/4 of your yeast cake will be...
  10. porterpounder

    Show us your Kegerator

    Just cause I can't let this sit. Skunkiness is UV photoreaction with hop compounds. Very specific cause. Nothing to do with oxidation.
  11. porterpounder

    Dark Color and Required Aging Time?

    There really isn't a correlation between color and need to cellar. Darker, more bitter beers will resist the poor effects of aging such as oxygenation better, but do no NEED to condition longer.
  12. porterpounder

    Which hop

    Styrian Goldings. Traditional, delcious, well-balance bittering, flavor aroma characteristics. I have also done a Mosaic single-hop tripel which was fantastic.
  13. porterpounder

    Readjusting pH after lautering?

    No, you shouldn't. There is no obvious reason to adjust pre-boil pH short of kettle-souring a beer.
  14. porterpounder

    Readjusting pH after lautering?

    When lautering, you should be putting all of your water through the grain rather than adding more water to the kettle directly, unless you need to lower the gravity to adjust for efficiency surplus. One of the best ways to control final pH of the lauter/sparge is to adjust our sparge water to...
  15. porterpounder

    Boil water in conical

    Sounds like a plan to me. If you're sealing it, make sure you open the relief valve! Also make sure your gaskets can handle the higher temps.
  16. porterpounder

    Temperature Control for a Stainless Conical Fermenter

    I use theses with a double-drilled stopper. Works like a charm and easier to clean than a threaded fitting. There are also tri-clover options with various set-ups attatched to the lid.
  17. porterpounder

    Yeast Ring above beer in bottle - krausen?

    And that's the most important thing. Just pour, close your eyes and enjoy!
  18. porterpounder

    Irish ale for porter?

    The 1084 is great for porters. It's going to be a bit drier and cleaner than 1968. Less ester production.
  19. porterpounder

    First Mead - Nutrient substitute question?

    ^What z-bob said. I wouldn't worry so much about the Ferm K. On a different note, that's A LOT of vanilla. I'd start with only a couple of split and peeled beans.