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  1. jbreiding

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Wow, just wow. That is an incredible give away! Here's to hoping I can get one of those great prizes!
  2. jbreiding

    Thoughts on a 2 stage counterflow chiller

    Why not split your water input hose before the cfc and connect both to a set of inline cfc's?
  3. jbreiding

    Pork Rib Preparation

    I use this recipe as a guide and make minor changes here and there but it works very very very well. Never have I had one complaint and always am asked for the recipe. I have experimented by changing spices, replacing most of...
  4. jbreiding

    Homeade "Minute Wine" Questions

    Yes there is no need to draw attention here. If the mod's want to send his IP that is different. But no need to draw attention to the site.
  5. jbreiding

    Soured beer for marinade??

    I good vinegar shouldn't be horrible to sip. And in my quote I said things I have fermented. Besides there is a difference between vinegar and a soured beer.
  6. jbreiding

    Soured beer for marinade??

    Rule of thumb I use when cooking with beer or anything else I have fermented. If you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it.
  7. jbreiding

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    I am so in!
  8. jbreiding

    Need a book...

    +1 for this.
  9. jbreiding

    Razzmatazz - Raspberry Wheat

    FYI, I am attempting a extract version of this. Here is my recipe: Recipe Type: Extract Yeast: WLP380 Batch Size (Gallons): 5 Original Gravity: ~1.065 Final Gravity: ??? Boiling Time (Minutes): 60 MALT 7# Wheat (DME) 1.75 # Pilsner 1.75 # Vienna .5 # 60L HOPS 2 oz (6.2 AAU) Hallertauer at 60...
  10. jbreiding

    Can you help me choose a smoker?

    Sorry if you're a noob always start with an ECB to hone your skills then go from there. ~$50 to start.
  11. jbreiding

    Couple n00b ECB questions

    Also you may want to try, even though the site name is questionable to bring up in a conversation,
  12. jbreiding

    Couple n00b ECB questions

    Try doing a half chimney with charcoal and placing on top of unlit charcoal in your pan. It's possible you just put too much in and didn't wait for the temp to settle out. One thing I used to do in my ECB was take the water pan and put a couple of fire bricks in it and then cover it with foil...
  13. jbreiding

    homemade ice cream?

    really i am about to reach through this thing and strangle you if you dont post the recipes.
  14. jbreiding

    NanoBrewery build

    sleep... you need none. :p great job man!
  15. jbreiding

    100 gallon mash tun build

    that is a thing of beauty!
  16. jbreiding

    Smokin' Butts

    thats just awesome!
  17. jbreiding

    Making Bread with yeast cake.

    arent most yeast cakes that bakers use from breweries? you might want to wash the yeast cake first and then use it.
  18. jbreiding

    New favorite marinade: Jack Daniels!

    ok now i want to hear some opinions about this. my wife is taking some catering/chef courses right now says everything she has read says to not reuse the marinade to make a sauce/gravy. i have done this many times and always loved the results. she says the safest thing to do is make double your...
  19. jbreiding

    boiling pork shoulder before smoking it?

    just this weekend i did ~20lbs of meat, 2x 5lbs butts, 1x 8lb brisket, 1x 7lb roasting chicken. the butts and the brisket i smoked for 12hrs, checking and reloading fuel every 4. the chicken i only did for about 5hrs. all meat was perfect and pulled apart nicely and with little effort.
  20. jbreiding

    smoker question

    nice job man, i have a need for something more versatile. i went with this recently, Brinkmann Single Zone Charcoal Grill in Home & Garden. i used to have a brinkman bullet smoker and it just didnt have enough grill space for me. i am just kind of partial to the charcoal.