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    Adding Yeast nutrient while fermenting?

    "Lazy" isn't the term I would use. Yeast need nutrients to function properly, but you don't want to overload them up front or they will get stressed out. Say that you just won a contest from your local bakery for a years supply of donuts. Would you opt to receive all the donuts at once and...
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    Top off a 1-gal batch?

    Sorry for not being clear...I had enough beer to fill 7 bottles. I followed the instructions to a T with the 1.25 gallons and the 45 min boil...definitely ended up with less than a gallon though! I did not top off, but the first bottle was opened tonight and tasted fine.
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    Top off a 1-gal batch?

    Hi all, New brewer and first time poster here...I made my first batch ever on Christmas Day (NB's Chinook IPA), and I'm hooked. I'm reading a lot about 5-gallon kits that instruct to top off with water in the fermenter after the boil, but I haven't been able to find any mention of doing so to...