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    Most brewed styles

    My top 3 are: 1. porter 2. pale ale 3. brown ale
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    partial mash equipment

    I am doing partial mash beers currently, and have a 5 gallon round cooler as a mash tun. I have it equiped with a false bottom and a ball valve, and a sparge arm for fly sparging. Got the cooler at k mart for 20 bucks, and spent about $15 at the local hardware store for the ball valve and misc...
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    Secondary fermentation ??

    Goldiggie, I'ts great to be back, forgot how addicting this hobby can be. I'm having a blast. The biggest changes I've seen is primary only, stir plates, recipee software, and a ton of new varieties of hops. I didn't even own a computer when I first started brewing, more than 15 years ago. All...
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    Secondary fermentation ??

    Got some questions about secondary fermentation. I've been on a long hiatus from brewing, (over 10 years), and after lurking around on this site, I see that many people believe that a secondary fermentation is not nessessary, and infact detrimental to your beer. I learned to brew basically from...
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    Your Favorite Hop For Dry Hopping IPA's

    Centenial and cascade here
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    Partial mash irish red recipee feed back

    Thanks skinuke, Going to try this with the grain bill as is, because the grains have already been crushed, but moved the 15 min hop addition to 45 min.
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    Partial mash irish red recipee feed back

    Going to do an irish red, (a style I have never brewed, or even tasted before.) How do you think this will turn out?) 2.25 # vienna malt 2 # Munich Malt 1 # Caramunich malt 1/4 # aromatic malt 1/8 # roasted barley Above grains mashed at 153 for 1 hr, fly sparged. Add: 3.3 # muntons...
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    I botched my first PM brew...OG 1028. Help please?

    I notice in the instructions it says to add liquid malt extract with 15 minutes left in the boil, yet your ingredient list only shows dme. Did you forget to add the liquid malt ext?
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    new guy from montana

    hello everyone!! Just getting back into brewing, have not done a batch in 10 years. too busy with kids and other hobbies. just put my first batch in the primary yesterday. a brown porter. used a recipee that i brewed 12 years ago, with a couple of tweaks. Anyway after 10 years of not brewing...