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  1. d3track


    more greetings from Minneapolis!
  2. d3track

    Hello from Minnesota!

    I don't have much for advice on mead, but welcome from another Minnesotan!
  3. d3track

    INKBIRD NEW PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! - Food Saver Vacuum Sealer INK-VS03

    Great looking sealer - def interested!
  4. d3track

    AG kits without base malts

    Just my recommendation to get you the end result you are looking for: 1) Find kit recipes you like at Northern/MoreBeer/etc - they have the recipes as PDFs 2) Add the specialty malts, hops, yeast to your cart (just omit the base malts) 3) Enjoy brew day!
  5. d3track

    3D Printing for Custom Mash Gasket

    Might be interested in this thread Homebrew Talk 3D Print Thread. I have a good amount of 3D printed parts around my brew system and workshop, but nothing that touches wort.
  6. d3track

    Explosive fermentation

    No to underpitching - especially a lager - this falls into the "do not recommend" area
  7. d3track

    Circuit board look Kegerator

    your only regret will be if you don't do it
  8. d3track

    CFC troubles

    Just to validate, are you sure it's properly connected (wort out at water in, and vise versa)?
  9. d3track

    Can I run my dip tube to the bottom of my keggle?

    Did you measure how much you are actually leaving behind? I'd be wary of trying to get too far down to the bottom and sucking all of that trub into the plate chiller. My side pick-up leaves about 1/3 gallon hop/protein/wort trub in my keggle, which works out pretty well since I don't use a...
  10. d3track

    Black Friday BLOWOUT @ Kegconnection + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving guys! Turkey, pumpkin pie, coffee porter, and a nap mad for a great day!
  11. d3track

    urgent help please - missed boil volume

    It sounds like your volume into the boil kettle is low - is that correct. IMO, you have a few options: a) additional sparge of the missing volume, then more wort into the BK b) additional water into the boil kettle (treat for chlorine/chloramine if needed) c) reduce boil viggor to reduce boil...
  12. d3track

    Slingblade recall.

    Drag, I like the idea of it, and was hoping to get one to try, then the recall started. Hopefully it is something fixable and they come on market again...
  13. d3track

    Thinking about my next brew rig...

    I'm biased because it's what I decided on, but at the homebrew scale I think that a 2V RIMS is a great solution. Limits are more on the boil kettle size than anything. My brewhouse efficiency usually comes in around 77%, and to be honest I have focused on consistency and not maximizing...
  14. d3track

    water app? is there one

    Palmer has one, I downloaded it but haven't tried it yet
  15. d3track

    Giveaway for Lerway Heating Pad!

    OOOOOO- this hits home. Just put my BoPils in that I brewed during virtual HBC - and as you can see, I have been fighting with using a fermwrap for years, and have been thinking that something on the floor would be better (and if the fermwrap would hold up to that). Would like something like...