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  1. doogie

    how about a meme generator thread...

    Reminds me of one of my favorite Malcome in the Middle scenes
  2. doogie

    Sam Adams Double Bock

    A quick google and I found ABV x . 8=ABW So, it was 7.5% ABV
  3. doogie

    Sam Adams Double Bock

    This is what I was referring to IBU Calc
  4. doogie

    Sam Adams Double Bock

    You missed the utilization rate in the calculation - I don't have access to my formulas right now, but the utilization rate maxes out around .33 when you are boiling for 45 minutes or so. At boil times less than that utilization will decrease.
  5. doogie

    INKBIRD NEW PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! - 4 IN 1 Digital pH Meter

    Nice - I've been looking into getting a pH meter.
  6. doogie

    Kegland flow control QD - foaming and low pressure

    I got some a few years ago, had similar issues and performed the mod described here Kegland Flow Control Keg Ball Locks? They've been working fine for me since
  7. doogie

    Sam Adams Double Bock

    I remember when that was a good beer. I'd pick up a case or two each year until it became meh. Fun fact - My college buddy tried to make my daughter's first word be Doublebock - but it was dog. Following to see if someone has a recipe.
  8. doogie

    German vocabulary question

    I thought I was on the right track with this but nothing jumps out as a match to what you referenced.
  9. doogie

    Drop in keg pressure during carbonation

    Sounds like you might have a leak somewhere (or your CO2 tank is almost empty- actually both is most likely). It should hold steady
  10. doogie

    Drop in keg pressure during carbonation

    You need to keep the CO2 connected to the keg so it keeps the beer under 12 psi as it absorbs CO2.
  11. doogie

    CO2 refill way overpriced?

    I have a place that will look the other way and fill outdated small tanks - last time I got fills was $4 for 2.5# $8 for 5#. My main place is $21 for 20# and $25 for hydro testing
  12. doogie


    Welcome back. Glad you're getting back to hobbies after such a big disruption in your life.
  13. doogie

    Blowtie spunding valve

    I use the output to purge my keg. Just add an airlock.
  14. doogie

    garage brew space

    Not a dedicated space. My stuff gets stored against the wall next to my car. When I'm going to brew (I'm a morning brewer) I put my car outside the night before and roll my structure over to the door. Milling is done while my mash water is heating. While mashing I heat my sparge water and...
  15. doogie

    What the heck is this in my ball valve?

    Are you saying that you didn't take them apart and clean off the machining oil BEFORE using 5 - 10 times? That's the most important cleaning and inspection. To me, the rust on the threads and body look like steel (not stainless or even galvanized) material. The other part, maybe epoxy used to...
  16. doogie

    Dry hopper

    I've only just started doing this, out of 4 hop dumps the first was stuck badly (not sure why I thought I could pack it as much as I did), second dumped fine, third had about a half ounce get hung up*, and the last one dumped fully. I now give my spool a few little whacks to help encourage the...
  17. doogie

    Dry hopper

    I decided not to spend the $ on a sight tube, but bought an 8" spool instead ( DERNORD Sanitary Spool Tube with Clamp Ends,Stainless Steel 304 Seamless Round Tubing With 1.5 inch Tri Clamp 50.5MM Ferrule Flange (Tube Length: 8 Inch / 204MM) : Industrial & Scientific). I get about 3 oz...
  18. doogie

    Purging keg with ferm CO2 anvil bucket

    I purge my kegs from my anvil bucket fermenter all the time, but I just have a hose from the anvil going into the beer port of the sanitized but empty keg and have an air lock attached to the gas port. If I'm going to cold crash, I add a bag to the air lock after a day or two of vigorous...