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  1. SteveM

    Not a New Member Exactly

    Oh, I know. I still recall my first brew, may years ago. I had no real idea of what I was doing, but I rolled the dice and unveiled my first batch at our Super Bowl party without ever even having tasted it. It was better than any beer I had had before then. That's when I first got hooked.
  2. SteveM

    Not a New Member Exactly

    I've been away from brewing for, I don't know, five, six, eight years? I stopped because at the time there were so many great beers around that I felt like I didn't need to brew my own any more. I mainly but not exclusively made what would now be called session IPAs - around 5-6% alcohol. I won...
  3. SteveM

    Do gophers eat hops?

    Nothing eats mine and we have every suburban animal there is. Raccoons, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and more. One thing, though - I have pretty ideal conditions but still lost two of the four rhizomes I planted, so you could lose one or two just because. Good news is, I still get more than...
  4. SteveM

    Recipe With Fresh Hops?

    I have not been successful at freezing fresh hops. They will probably have a very funky aroma when you open them. Good luck! And if you have a source for fresh hops, they are probably just about ready to harvest, depending on where you are. I would say go get new ones. No more than one...
  5. SteveM


    I've used ginger, cinnamon, coriander and a few others. My usual rule is that you add them at flame out. The water will still be plenty hot to kill off any contaminants. Extended boils can eliminate the aroma and flavors. Others may do differently but this works for me.
  6. SteveM

    Changed the hops on my Kolsch recipe.

    Unless you are striving for some level of recipe purity for it's own sake or for a competition, you'll be fine. Your beer should be delicious, though it might be a bit off from "standard" flavor profiles.
  7. SteveM

    First ever beer.. Secondary fermentation

    99.99% sure he was just having a little joke. Many or most experienced brewers have their own processes and will free-lance recipes, even when using a kit. I'm sure your beer will be fine.
  8. SteveM

    Need advice - had a hiccup with bottling!!

    As for the wand, take it apart (they can be pulled apart). It will have sludge trapped it. Clean it out, reassemble and sanitize it.
  9. SteveM

    Amarillo Rhizomes

    Wow, this is like an old friend that you haven't seen in a few years dropping in. : )
  10. SteveM

    Irish Moss - I think I added way too much!

    From five years ago? My guess is that it's forgotten.
  11. SteveM

    Beer bottled without priming sugar

    On the other hand, you could just let it sit for about three months. I forgot the priming sugar once, and that's what I did. It came out fine but it's not fast.
  12. SteveM

    Bread yeast, cool temp

    Never mind. I did a bunch of reading all over the 'net and I've decided that I'll stick with brewer's yeast. I would be curious to try some beer made with bread yeast but it can be someone else's experiment.
  13. SteveM

    Bread yeast, cool temp

    I don't know either but after a decade and a half of brewing, I've decided I'm going to do a batch with bread yeast of some kind. I'll post outcomes.
  14. SteveM

    Proofing Safale US-05

    I use it sometimes, and I just sprinkle it on top of the wort after it's cooled to under about 78F. Never had a problem with the fermenting getting up and running.
  15. SteveM

    Over 3 weeks in the fermenter??

    Three weeks is about as short a time in a fermenter as I would ever go, and only if I was in a big hurry. Let it go another week or two and don't worry about it.
  16. SteveM

    Trub at the bottom of my brew pot.

    I'm with those who simply dump it all in. Leave it in the fermenter for three or four weeks and it will all settle down and compact itself at the bottom; carefully siphon it out and all is well.
  17. SteveM

    How does it look ?

    And last thing, don't feel compelled to open it and check on it. There is little good that can come of that habit and lots that's not so good. Your job as a brewer is to set conditions that will allow the yeast to do its thing. Taking the top off the fermenter can interfere with that process.
  18. SteveM

    New brewer competition question

    Finally, don't imagine for a moment that you can't make a very competitive beer using extracts. I'm an extract brewer; my sole competition entry was for a Philly Beer Week home brew IPA contest a few years ago; third place out of about 20 entries.
  19. SteveM

    Sanitizing bottles...

    One time, I sanitized bottles a few days before. That batch picked up a (mild) infection. I don't think the bottles were the problem, but I've never done it since. I always sanitize on bottling day and leave it at that. Learning, then locking in your basic processes is one of the most...
  20. SteveM

    How long should I bottle condition

    Just remember, the best beer in any batch is almost always the last one.* While I like to leave my pale ales (which is about all I brew these days, though with lots of variants) in the bottle for a month, I'll start sneaking them earlier. A test bottle a week after bottling (or less), then...