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    Why is my beer so bitter ?

    thanks, Mac. I used an IBU calculator I found on the internet. I think I am ok with bitterness, but with the beer in question, I was aiming for mainly flavour and aroma.
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    Why is my beer so bitter ?

    my water is treated the same as the local microbrewery - I am really asking with such low calculated IBU why does the beer taste so bitter ?
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    Why is my beer so bitter ?

    22 litres 10 days in bottle tasted yesterday I could have been clearer 1 protofloc tablet last 5 monutes
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    Why is my beer so bitter ?

    3.6% SMASH beer with mosaic cryo hops AA 0.213 added as below 2 gm 15 mins 3 gm 10 mins 5 gm 5 mins and 15 gm 3 mins I calculate IBU as 12.5 cooling down to 30 C 4 hours then down to 18 V in 10 mins thanks
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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Wraggy's reviews
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    Warm homebrew is ok

    I worked with an American guy in London - he would buy a pint of guinness and stand it in front of the fire to warm it up,,,,,
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    Alkalinity/pH and salts again!

    wort is cooling - beer will at least be wet and room temperature....I will Email you a pint to try...
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    Alkalinity/pH and salts again!

    peebee thanks I think. brewing tomorrow adding 11 ml of CRS and 10 gm of AMS, hoping it will be drinkable........... (half campden tablet before the CRS)
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    Alkalinity/pH and salts again!

    Peebee - this is going right over my head so simple question what should I do with this water to make a 4% pale bitter, hardness as CaCO3 228 Ca 80 - SO4 107 - Cl 65 - Mg 9 - Na 39 thanks
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    PET Bottle looks like a grenade

    the priming sugar table in post 4 looks a bit heavy to me - I use less than half those rates.
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    why siphon instead of pour if next step is aeration?

    Clint - most amusing second paragraph.
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    why siphon instead of pour if next step is aeration?

    I cool the wort and then jug it into a stainless steel saucepan with lid, measure the OG and pitch my hydrated safale 04 yeast, after 5 to 7 days I bottle and leave for 4 weeks, works for me but what do I know, I have only been brewing for 54 years.
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    Tempature calibration

    do you know anybody who works in any sort of laboratory - they will have a master calibration thermometer, just put yours next to it for 0 20 40 60 80 100
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    What BIAB brewing actually is (Mythbusting for traditionalists)

    I am a BIABer. I thought about lifting the bag, allowing it to drain. Then I acquired a second Burco. So I run off the liquid and use 4 litre jugs to fill number 2, and then boil. There is always some very fine solids left in the mash vessel - using the lift and drain approach would mean boiling...
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    Over carbonation - Carbonic Acid/Salty Taste?

    wash your glass under the hot tap, cool it under the cold tap, shake to remove excess water, do not use a tea towel or similar. This will tell you if the problem is with your beer, or the bottles you bottle it in. After cleaning your bottles normally, rinse them under the hot tap. This will tell...
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    Way too high OG - 1.500. Any way I can fix it?

    I find vitamin C useful in yeast starters - years ago I made 2 identical starters and added vit C to one - it definitely got going quicker - so OP was saying slow to get going - so I said add vit C and nutrient - but if recommended amount of nutrient already added don't bother....
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    Way too high OG - 1.500. Any way I can fix it?

    add 5 gm of vitamin C and 10 gm of nutrient
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    Invert Sugar Disagreement

    in Uk all one word but I should have guessed ty