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  1. hopmadness

    Partial Mash - Ph of City Water OK

    Yes, I would say the "fatal flaw" is that it's chlorinated water. Chlorine can combine with malt phenol to form chlorophenol. A surprisingly small amount of this substance can give your beer a "medicinal" undesirable taste. I have never brewed with my tap water and this is why I never will. It's...
  2. hopmadness

    Please Help w/ Starter

    This is my first time doing a starter, and I planed on using an Activator smack pack. I put 2/3 cup DME into just less than 1 qt water. Took my eyes off from it for a secong and it boiled over. I ended with about half a quart of wort to use for the starter....threw it in the fridge to cool...
  3. hopmadness

    Infection question

    Greetings all. Just wanted to get your opinion on something. I opened my fermenter last night to keg my porter and noticed two quarter sized "bubbles" that did not look like the typical small bubblescaround them (few tiny bubbles from moving the fermenter). These two were much larger and had...
  4. hopmadness

    All Grain 7+ gal.... on a glass electric stove top?....

    I strongly recommend the Boilermaker by Blinchmann. It is a little on the expensive side, but wow I love that thing! See pic below:
  5. hopmadness

    All Grain 7+ gal.... on a glass electric stove top?....

    I have a ten gallon boilermaker that fits on my glass stovetop and boils 6.5-7 gallons of wort (out of the mash tun...already at ~130 after sparge) in about 50 minutes with the lid on. Sure it takes a little longer than most people, but I can brew indoors year round (which is a big deal when...
  6. hopmadness

    Help! First AG lager and no yeast activity!

    Don't worry at all.....I've done lagers and waited probably 4-5 days for some strains when not using a starter. Bottom line, lager yeast takes longer to get started in my experience.
  7. hopmadness

    Dry hopping with whole cones:(

    So I dry hopped my harvest IPA with whole cone hops picked and dried about two weeks ago. Much to my disapointment, my beer now tastes INCREDIBLY the point that it is unpleasant. I dry hopped and then kegged and threw an ounce of hops in the keg too.....tasted it today, and while it...
  8. hopmadness

    wort chiller not so chill

    I would say get the Shirion Plate chiller. It's not too bad from a price standpoint and I swear I am able to get my wort from 210 F to about 60-70 F in a matter of minutes. I couldn't believe it the first time I used this plate chiller.
  9. hopmadness

    First Year Cascade;)

    Here are some pics of first year Cascades.....wish I knew when to harvest. Here's another pic of the bines wrapping over the 14 foot trellis ;)
  10. IMG_03051


  11. IMG_03022


  12. hopmadness

    Pilsner Urquell recipe that is tried and true??

    Anyone have a tried and true Pilsner Urquell recipe. Wow...what a great summer time beer;)
  13. hopmadness

    Mashing with corn

    I'll be brewing a summer yellow lager tonight...pretty simple recipe...10 lbs pale and 2 lbs flaked maize. Any thoughts on the mash (one step infusion vs other method)? Thanks.:)
  14. hopmadness

    Yellow Lager...what do you think?

    Thanks for the input....the reason I'm going with that pale 2 row is that I bought it in bulk for 88 cents a pound. Do you think it will make that big of a difference going with the pilsner malt....I do want that "crispness".:confused:
  15. hopmadness

    Yellow Lager...what do you think?

    I want to make a yellow lager that will be good for the warmer weather.....something with a clean, dry finish with a little bit of hops showing through. What do you guys think about the recipe below? Any changes to the yeast? 10.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (1.8 SRM) Grain 83.33 % 2.00 lb...
  16. hopmadness

    ipa problems

    Make that +2......I've had several young IPAs that were way too hoppy......and I'm a hop head. After I aged the beer for several weeks it cleared. Just wait it out;)
  17. hopmadness

    Wyeast Kolsch slow to start?

    Well....for future reference.......72 hours later the Wyeast Kolsch is starting to bubble:mug::D Primary is at 60 degrees now and I'm psyched.
  18. hopmadness

    Wyeast Kolsch slow to start?

    Hmmm...48 hours after pitching and still no airlock activity, no sign of a kruasen when trying to shine a flashlight over the top to get a peek in at the surface. The smack pack didn't swell but I "smacked" it only a few hours before pitching....this has happened to me before with lager...
  19. hopmadness

    Wyeast Kolsch slow to start?

    It was a smack no starter. I know they're supposed to be slow based on other posts/comments here....but no sign of a krausen yet? I'll see how things go over the next few days:(
  20. hopmadness

    Wyeast Kolsch slow to start?

    So it's been 24 hours now and nothing out of the air lock. When I shine a flashlight on top of the primary (so I can see in a bit)....doesn't even look like a krausen is forming (which is actually what concerns me). Anyone else have a slow start with this yeast.....thoughts on repitching. Oh...