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  1. Snakebone

    Last semester of college

    I've never referred to my clothes as stunning. Are you sure you want to meet girls?
  2. Snakebone

    DIY Mash Paddle

    Does your sister say he's verticaly challenged?
  3. Snakebone

    Price for Keggle?

    Apparently morals and ethics don't matter to our idiot in charge so we might as well say screw it to. Buy the keg.
  4. Snakebone

    Price for Keggle?

    Buy it, who cares how they came across it. Since this country is going to crap anyway under our current president it doesn't matter.
  5. Snakebone

    Marking kegs

    I used a hack saw and put small cuts on my paddle to mark each gallon. I start my batches with 13 gallons in the boil kettle. One gallon usually boils off in an hour. The hops soak some up and I usually end up with a hair over 10 gallons to keg after fermentation.
  6. Snakebone

    10 Gallon Kegs For Sale

    I wouldn't use one as a conical fermenter, the angle just isn't there. It's about the same as a 5 gallon corny. They are about 25" high with a 12" diameter.
  7. Snakebone

    10 Gallon Kegs For Sale

    You know I put these on this site at a price a little less than I've seen over and over on again on Ebay. If you think it's too much fine, go to your LHBS and buy one then. dr, there is a difference between a 5 gallon and a 10 gallon keg. It's 5 gallons and about $150. If you can buy...
  8. Snakebone

    10 Gallon Kegs For Sale

    That is a relief valve. I'm not sure what pressure it pops at.
  9. Snakebone

    10 Gallon Kegs For Sale

    I've seen beat up ones just like these going for $200+ Ebay. I'm too busy to try and mess with Ebay. Make me a respectable offer. PM me to get a hold of me.
  10. Snakebone

    Trying to go all grain

    That equipment won't cut it for all grain. Send it to me and I'll make sure it goes to good use.
  11. Snakebone

    10 Gallon Kegs For Sale

    I have 4 - 10 Gallon Spartanburg kegs for sale. They have been boxed and sitting in a warehouse for 20 or so years. They have never been used and are in like new condition. They do need ball lock fittings. $195 each. Located in Crown Point, IN 46307
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  15. Snakebone

    Brewery Tours/Visits?

    Star Brewery - Dubuque, IA It has been closed for 15 or so years. If you have ever seen the movie "Take This Job and Shove it" it was filmed there.
  16. Snakebone

    What are you drinking on inauguration day?

    I think I'll round up an Arrogant Bastard for the occasion.
  17. Snakebone

    St Pauli Girl

    McCuckerson. your 100th post better be a picture!
  18. Snakebone

    Laundry Sink in the Garage

    The reason I bought the house we live in is because the guy had a utility sink in the garage. As soon as I saw it I thought "brewery". When doing the plumbing he rigged it up in the basement so I can drain the lines to the garage in about 10 seconds. When it looks like it might freeze I turn...
  19. Snakebone

    Advice on cheap fermenter for 10gal batches

    EC Kraus They have tuff tanks for about $50 for a 14 gallon size. Free Shipping.
  20. Snakebone

    My bar project

    That has to be the nicest home bar I've ever seen! Great job Rod.