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  1. Bigfoot

    TAP-A-DRAFT: first impression...

    Been using theTAD system for a while myself. Love it, fits nicely on a shelf in the fridge and is easy to take along to a party or picnic.
  2. Bigfoot

    Huntley, IL says hello

    Welcome to the group, you'll find alot of friendly people here and alot of good info. Enjoy.
  3. Bigfoot

    Scaling Down Recipes

    I do small batches all the time, like the others said cut the ingredients in half and leave the time alone. I find I do need to add just a bit more hops to get the flover and bitterness I want. Good luck.
  4. Bigfoot

    Hello from Oswego, IL

    Welcome all you new IL people, glad to see more of us around the board here. Not far from you sumoweasle, Aurora here. Have fun and enjoy.
  5. Bigfoot


    Mmmmm sounds good. Smoked some bambi last week, was delicious.
  6. Bigfoot

    Does this exist?

    I brew 3 gallon batches all the time. I have a couple 3 gallon buckets that I got from an online homebrew shop. That and a 3 gallon carboy is all I use and bottle mine in a Tap a Draft plus a couple bottles. Works well for me, don't know if it's anymore compact except for the bottling part.
  7. Bigfoot

    Making a 2 Gallon Mini MLT

    Thanks for the write up, going to put one together this weekend. Been wanting to do it for some time. Thanks again.
  8. Bigfoot

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome to the forum, glad to have another Sox fan on board. Alot of fun and knowledgable people here, you'll find help with anything you need to know. Good luck and have fun brewing.
  9. Bigfoot

    Greetings from Illinois

    Welcome to another Illinois brewer. You'll find alot of help from the people here. Good luck and have fun.
  10. Bigfoot

    Chicago North side...

    Welcome to the forum, always good to see another Chicago area brewer. Like McKBrew says, don't get too worried about you r first few not coming out right. It's a learning experience and they'll get better as you go along.
  11. Bigfoot

    Name Your Favorite Overhopped IPA

    Mine's Hop Juice Double IPA from Two Brothers.
  12. Bigfoot

    Pale DME, Dark DME

    I always use equal parts of chocolate and roasted barley, but the barley is a must. The color should be fine just using the roasted barley. If you like the dry Irish stouts you might want to add a 1/4 lb. of crystal rye. Good luck.
  13. Bigfoot

    Hello from Joliet, Il

    Welcome, glad to see another Chicagoland brewer joining the group. Good luck with your kit when you get it and let us know how it turned out. Have fun.
  14. Bigfoot

    Hey all from Central IL

    Welcome, always good to see another Illinois brewer around.
  15. Bigfoot

    Hello from Chicago!

    Goose Island sounds great.
  16. Bigfoot

    Any ideas for St Patricks Day?

    One other thing, bread pudding.
  17. Bigfoot

    Moving on to my second batch...

    I agree with Gammon, try a brown ale. Keep with a few simple different styles till you get comfortable brewing then more on.
  18. Bigfoot

    The hop shortage

    Yep, unfortunatly we'll have to get used to those prices for a while. I don't mind paying a little more but you just can't get some of the varities.
  19. Bigfoot

    Two Brothers' Tap House Opening!

    Wow, thats great to hear. Haven't checked their web site in a while, I heard they were opening a resturant but didn't think it would happen this soon. I'm really pumped up for this.
  20. Bigfoot

    Steeping speciality grains

    I know what you mean, steeping grains adds so much extra.