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  1. Seedly

    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    895 Lost mine to shoddy packing in a move. Guess Ill never know the OG of the belgian I just brewed.
  2. Seedly

    Rogue IT manager ad

    Wow, thats a lot of blather that tells you more about the company and the position than they probably want you to know. No responsible person who will actually be able to respond to a midnight POS polling error will actually take that job. Those people want stability and reasonable...
  3. Seedly

    The Beer Bug

    Thanks for the link. Sounds like some sort of calibration issue on the pressure sensor. The last email update I got (yesterday), they said that they were finally in full production, but that they were having to discard quite a few bad units due to failing QA. Thus why I still dont have one yet...
  4. Seedly

    What are you drinking now?

    Just polished off a glass of smoked porter that I worked up. Chocolate and Cara 80 malt with about 30% cherrywood smoked malt. Used Palisades for the hop. Very balanced smoke flavor with a mildly fruity finish. Only downside is its under-carbed.
  5. Seedly

    Hi from Colorado

    Nice! Im in Broomfield, but looking to move a little further north. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Seedly

    Beer already carbonated?!

    This is normal during the fermentation process. By the time your done dry hopping and clearing, it will have gone flat. Thats ok, because thats why we bottle prime or force carb.
  7. Seedly

    Kettle Purchasing Advice

    I have a 10gal Bayou Classic. Couldnt be happier. Its as big as my gas stove can handle (well...barely handle!) and still lets me do 15+ lbs of grain easily (did 14 last week @1.25qt/lb and still had a gal or two left). No, I wont be able to do super high gravity barleywines without DME or some...
  8. Seedly

    Really trick ABV claculation - Help!

    Its not much variance in this example, but it could be a much bigger variance in an example where more liquor is added. I thought it might be nice to do the actual math for someone else to use as an example when the thread came up in a search later.
  9. Seedly

    Really trick ABV claculation - Help!

    Actually it wouldnt give you that much of a bump. The beer has 75.9 cl of ethanol in 2300 cl of liquid (2300*.033). The rum has 7.5 cl of ethanol in 20 cl of liquid (20*.375) So the total is 83.4 cl of alcohol in 2320 cl of liquid, or 3.59% ABV.
  10. Seedly

    Northern Brewer bad crush!!!

    Not a bad idea really. If more people did this when they got a bad crush, they would start crushing finer in a hurry
  11. Seedly


    The best description I got for acetaldehyde (from a Master Cicerone during a class) was "the smell that really drunk people have on their breath". Being an ex-cop, I instantly made the connection to every really bad DUI/PI I had ever hooked up. Judging by your comment of "cheap whiskey", Im...
  12. Seedly

    Question about calculating mash thickness

    I have a 10 gallon pot that I plan on using for an E-BIAB vessel. It has a nice false bottom that was made for it that I was going to use to keep the bag off the element. My concern is that the false bottom sits at about the 2 gallon mark, leaving 2 gallons below the grain. When calculating...
  13. Seedly

    Cheap compact wort pump

    This certainly has my interest. I want to do a Recirculating E-BIAB setup, but one of the primary things holding me back was shelling out $100+ for a useable pump. This, I think, will do nicely.
  14. Seedly

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    3406+5=3411 just finished cleaning up after an ESB
  15. Seedly

    Camlocks - Which side for coupling

    Megalomami has it right. You have to actuate the camlock and if you put it on the pot it will be boiling hot, even with a heat shield in place.
  16. Seedly

    What are you drinking now?

    Took a sip from the spent wort of my yeast starter while decanting. Pretty much the straight up definition of acetaldehyde. Like a green jolly rancher gone horribly wrong...
  17. Seedly

    burnt bag/grains

    Big mistake dude... Had a bag burn to the bottom of the pot once too. Beer was excellent and good enough for a 40.5 in a BJCP competition.
  18. Seedly

    Anheuser Busch and their deceptive marketing

    They showed their faces at Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines this year: ...course they bailed about halfway through the tasting. Worst presentation of the lot. One guy with some bottles that were poorly labeled with some goofy "Not for resale" verbage on them. Nothing special...just a...
  19. Seedly

    Never dump your beer!!! Patience IS a virtue!!! Time heals all things, even beer!

    Follow up on this story. I recently entered a competition (Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines in Vail, CO) with a Barleywine that I was really proud of. As I was filling out the forum, I thought, "What the hell, why not enter this BSGA as well. Its only $5 and wouldnt that be a hell of a story...
  20. Seedly

    OnederBrew.....anyone try this?

    Subbed. Interested to see how it works for you mors