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  1. chickypad

    Partial Mash Bag Size

    Don't use the muslin bags, get a nylon bag. The grains are going to contribute a good amount of your fermentables you want to have a lot of space so they can be loose in the bag and you can stir. You can use a 5 gal paint strainer bag but I like the 24x24in bags (morebeer) for my 2.5 gal BIAB...
  2. chickypad

    Grain absortion rate help plz ...

    You absorbed 3/5.39 = .56 qt per lb of grain. That's pretty close to the usual quote of .125 gal per lb for non BIAB (i.e. 1/2 qt per lb).
  3. chickypad

    Calculating ABV from Fruit Additions - An Actual Calculator

    There is sugar/wort left in that volume in the fermenter. Just like when you leave behind wort after racking, that is not all water you are losing sugars too (or beer if it's post fermentation). If you only account for the sugar content in doing your calculations that means you somehow expect...
  4. chickypad

    First brew ingredients

    Ah, okay. For an amber I'd probably swap out the carapils and add some additional darker crystal/caramel. At just 5% C60 with the rest base/carapils it may be more like a pale ale.
  5. chickypad

    First brew ingredients

    It would also help to know what kind of beer you're trying to make. Guessing on amounts and hops I'm thinking English IPA? The 2 lb of carapils is a lot. It's not going to ruin it or anything but I'm not sure why you would want 2 lbs of it especially as there is already crystal in the recipe...
  6. chickypad

    Coconut bag it or free float

    I had the same experience recently with my first try at coconut. As you say, it doesn't compact down like hops with cold crashing so the dip tube got clogged. I tried a mesh bag with stainless washer tied around a siphon tube as I've seen others do, that kept clogging too. So far the beer...
  7. chickypad

    Fermentation stopping

    That seems like a pretty big range. Is this single infusion? How are you measuring, is thermometer calibrated? If you are really mashing some of the batches in the low 160's maybe that's the reason.
  8. chickypad

    Dilution at bottling

    Why don't you just top off your fermenter on brew day instead of adding it at bottling?
  9. chickypad

    What size co2 tank should I get?

    It's a pretty negligible cost difference at the place I've been using for the past 10yrs. I have a 20# and a 5# backup, last time I swapped them both out together it was $22 for the big one and $20 for the 5 lb. Prices have gone up slowly over the years but it's always about a 2-3$ difference...
  10. chickypad

    brown malt vs victory for nutty taste?

    I don't get nutty from brown malt either, more coffee. Victory to me is like dry toast. GNO on the other hand tastes like peanuts to me.
  11. chickypad

    A few questions....Considering BIAB

    I'll echo the others. Especially with small batches BIAB can be super simple. I used to brew mostly 10-12 gal batches on a morebeer sculpture, but I sold it last year as I've gone exclusively to stove top BIAB. I do 2-3 gal batches in my old 5 gal extract pot, plus the occasional 5 gal batch...
  12. chickypad

    Bottling at 1.020 in 24 hours

    Forgive me if I'm missing something but I'm not quite sure why we are so overly concerned with bombs on this batch. Gravity was stable over 6 days, including after a swirl and making sure temp wasn't too low. It is at about 69% apparent attenuation with SO4 which seems in range, and I'm...
  13. chickypad

    Help! I poured the wrong yeast, but took it out.

    Yeah no worries. If you had for example pitched a Belgian yeast into a clean ale recipe you might have gotten some flavors you weren't expecting (as others mentioned hard to totally get it out once you've pitched). 05 is neutral though, and since you probably managed to pitch more 04 than 05...
  14. chickypad

    Help! I poured the wrong yeast, but took it out.

    You mean you pitched the wrong yeast into your wort? Then you took it out how? It might help if you give us a little more to go on like what you were making, what yeast you pitched, and what yeast you were supposed to pitch.
  15. chickypad

    triple scale

    It's not the yeast, it's the super high gravity. How much honey did you use in what volume anyway? A typical mead would be something like 2-4 lb honey per gallon.
  16. chickypad

    Poor hops utilization with hop-spider?

    Still more piling on, but I found the same. I'm in the commando group now too.
  17. chickypad

    triple scale

    This would be a total estimate but gauging from the picture, if the scale stays linear, it looks like it's floating about 45 gravity pts below the 1.170 mark. So 1.215 ish starting OG? If it fermented to around 1.154, using the brewer's friend calculator for higher gravities that gives about...
  18. chickypad

    Where can I find this part?

    It looks like it fits right on the flared gas out disconnects. See picture below, and in their instructions it says to thread it directly on.
  19. chickypad

    triple scale

    Jeepers, that first one is post fermentation? The line looks about where the 36 brix marker would be, or 1.154 on my triple scale. The second one I assume is pre-fermentation, it looks like it's just suspended in honey :p
  20. chickypad

    Repitching in the keg?

    What was the OG and the FG now? Do you know why it didn't finish - i.e. did you accidentally mash really high (in which case more yeast likely won't help) or do you think your original yeast was just crap? If i was going to try to restart something I'd probably pitch a starter at high krausen.