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  1. brewstev

    American Homebrewers Association released the new logo

    New AHA logo announced this morning: What do you guys think?
  2. brewstev

    Chai Stout

    any update on how this beer turned out? would love to give it a try. any tips/changes?
  3. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    getting the apples out of the carboy was definiley tough. After racking to secondary, the apples were quite a mess. It took alot of shaking and washing to get everything out of there...but the beer tastes delicious
  4. brewstev

    Official 2010 "Pay it Forward" Thread

    Guess i should start rummaging around to see what I can contribute!
  5. brewstev

    Refridgeration of Beer after Conditioning

    How important is it to refridgerate your beer after bottling? Obivously before I plan on drinking the beer I'll cool it down, but I can't always fit a whole batches worth in the fridge. Plus sometimes i dont always store my beer in the fridge or else I'll come back after a weekend away and...
  6. brewstev

    2011 Brewing Goals

    1. Brew more often 2. BJCP certification 3. Switch to all grain 4. Become more involved with the brewing industry
  7. brewstev

    Official 2010 "Pay it Forward" Thread

    I would love a BYO subscription if still available!
  8. brewstev

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    just starting brewing in 2010 and proud to say i'll be finishing up the year with 40 gallons brewed
  9. brewstev

    Spent Grain? Make Your Best Friend Cookies!

    one question, can humans eat these too
  10. brewstev

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    definilty an entertaining show, and Sam definilty has the personality to keep even the non-beer geek or homebrewer entertained. Just saw the Bitches Brew episode the other, pretty cool concept
  11. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    I am thinkking the same thing. My "5-gallon" secondary definilty has some head space where could probably fit the beer and I am positive that this beer is going to need to do some clearing/settling out. Time to start thinking about the next brew :ban:
  12. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    JTK, did you end up moving to secondary then? I ended up just adding the cider to primary, as you had done, as i only had a 5 gallon for secondary. Glad I did not too since adding the cider brings it up to 5.5 and another round of Krausen has sprung up higher. Is secondary still needed...
  13. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    wow crazy. so are you thinking it's better to just keep the beer in the 6 gallon primary rather than racking to 5 gallon secodary when throwing in the cider/honey?
  14. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    Are you guys all adding 2 lbs of honey? and 5lbs of apples? i was thinking the "#" meant units. So 5 apples and 2 containers of honey... Oh well the sample i tasted after the first hydro reading tasted great, so im sure it will end up great. Krausen was visible within a couple hours and there...
  15. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    So what's up with the different OG's....I cam out with a 1.055, OP had 1.069 and jkratzer came out with a 1.042. Still a relatively new homebrewer, can anyone explain this difference? I was under the impression that with an extract brew that the OG would not vary too much. Of course i guess...
  16. brewstev

    Great Holiday Ale Extract Recipe

    Brewed this guy yesterday with your extra tips, fermentation took off within a couple hours and the house smelled amazing. One questions though... My OG reading came out around 1.055 which seems much lower than the 1.069 you stated. The juice hasn't been added yet, but you did mention your...