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  1. spittiz

    I finally managed to make a good session (5,0%) hazy pale ale!

    It's relative I guess, but 5% is pretty sessionable to me! And I feel like "proper hazies are usually >6% at around here.
  2. spittiz

    European subtitutes for NEIPA hops?

    Huell Melon is great in eg a modern twist Kolsch, but probably underwhelming in an APA/IPA. Interested to see if OP ends up brewing an all EU neipa to hear the results though.
  3. spittiz

    What are you drinking now?

    Yeah it turned out nice, cheers! It's 67% 2-row, 13% flaked oats, 13,5% wheat malt, 6,5% toasted oats (I used Crisp Small Batch #4 Toasted Oats which have an EBC of 7-8 according to my homebrew store)
  4. spittiz

    Lallemand Verdant IPA Ale

    The IPA batches I've made with this yeast have had a sweet tropical fruit flavor that i haven't got with e.g. US05.
  5. spittiz

    What are you drinking now?

    Hb hazy pale ale, 5%, with Citra, Idaho7 and Galaxy.
  6. spittiz

    NEIPA Recipe Advice

    My thoughts after a quick glance. Malt bill: I'd personally ditch the carahell, carafoam and especially the crystal malt. I've made lots of good NEIPA batches with a grainbill of roughly 75% 2-row, 15% wheat malt, and 10% flaked oats. If you want something with a little more complex notes, you...
  7. spittiz

    Cold Crashing

    To me, cold crashing means cold crashing in the fermenter, if you've kegged the beer I don't know why you wouldn't hook up the CO2 at the same time, and when you do, it's conditioning at that point IMO (not cold crashing), whatever the temp might be. When cold crashing in the fermenter, you get...
  8. spittiz

    Homebrewing Nightmare

    Most of the leaks happening are user error and would be easily avoided by being thorough and checking things like o-rings and tube connections every keg swap and so on. Keg systems need maintenance, but if you do it continuously it's no big deal and is a lot less hassle compared to bottling, at...
  9. spittiz

    I finally managed to make a good session (5,0%) hazy pale ale!

    Ah yes I've seen golden naked oats being talked about but couldn't find it anywhere around here. @day_trippr this Crisp product linked in the OP I used is lighter, 7-8 EBC according to the homebrew store I bought it from. And I think the color of this beer is on point, always hard to capture it...
  10. spittiz

    I finally managed to make a good session (5,0%) hazy pale ale!

    I love proper NEIPA's, but I generally don't like drinking strong (7-8% ish) beers. I much rather have a couple of pints of a more sessionable ~5% beer since I tend to get headaches quite easily from drinking. I've been brewing a few of those, but haven't been quite satisfied, they've always...
  11. spittiz

    If I brew with plain sugar what kind of beer am I brewing

    You are making kilju: Kilju - Wikipedia A lot of people make it here in Finland when they just want super cheap alcohol for getting drunk. Most of it tastes absolutely vile though and need to be diluted with orange juice or something else to mask the flavor.
  12. spittiz

    Brewing software

    Used Beersmith at first but now been on Brewfather for several years and I'm very happy with it.
  13. spittiz

    American IPA West Coast IPA (loosely based on Russian River Blind Pig)

    I did use cryo Amarillo, which was 9,2% AA, but the rest was standard T90 pellets. Quickly calculated I guess the difference can come from that, we're not that far off if calculating g/liter or lbs/gallons of hops. That is something I'm interested to test in the future, e.g. can you cut back on...
  14. spittiz

    American IPA West Coast IPA (loosely based on Russian River Blind Pig)

    That looks great! I'm most likely going to brew it again, and I'll try bump the bitterness a bit more, it comes through a descent amount in mine but could take it up a notch IMO. If you end up brewing it, report back results!
  15. spittiz

    American IPA West Coast IPA (loosely based on Russian River Blind Pig)

    I can't take too much credit here - this recipe is from the YouTube channel The Craft Beer Channel, where they "collaborated" with Russian River Brewing to make a west coast IPA. Video with their links in the description here. I brewed this beer a month ago and I was really pleased with how it...
  16. spittiz

    What are you drinking now?

    HB Cream Ale and wings on the grill!
  17. spittiz

    I'm doing everything right (right?)...But still can't get rid of yeast off-flavors.

    Just a thought - have you tried varying the fermentation temp within the optimal range? With US-05 for instance, many find that fermenting below 18 C gives fruity esters.
  18. spittiz

    What are you drinking now?

    Cream of 3 crops cream ale, kegged 13 days ago, and spare ribs on the smoker!
  19. spittiz

    Made a 5 gallon pacific coast IPA, and I’m worried my temp was too high for the first day and a half

    Relax, we all have brew days like that sometimes. A few weeks ago I brewed a batch and put the fermentation vessel into my chest freezer that I use for temp control, left it there and didn't check it fort two days. When I did check on it, I realized I had forgot to plug the freezer into the...
  20. spittiz

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Brewing this tomorrow, made one batch last summer, and looking back at my Brewfather log it's honestly one of the best beers I've made. So clean, simple and refreshing. Patio beer indeed. I used 50Ca 50Cl 40SO4 (RO water) last time, with US-05 yeast (controlled 20C fermentation).