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  1. homebrewdad

    Pushing the Limits: a 90% Crystal Malt Beer

    Again, according to the Briess post, conversion is done in the husk (millions of little mash vessels), so a mash technically wasn't required. I'm aware that 20% isn't the "real" limit. According to the one anecdotal beer I cited, 50% isn't the limit, either. So the point of this silly...
  2. homebrewdad

    Pushing the Limits: a 90% Crystal Malt Beer

    I did mash for 90 minutes. I did not add enzymes. Again, according to the maltster literature, enzyme conversion has already happened. If that is correct - and I'm not saying that it is - then the beer should ferment. If it does, then I will step up the next experiment to 100% crystal. If...
  3. homebrewdad

    Pushing the Limits: a 90% Crystal Malt Beer

    I've seen this line of thought a lot. In fact, it's super common... and may be right. Sort of the point of this silly experiment. But then, there's this (taken from the Briess blog post about crystal malt) (emphasis added by Briess) So if that is correct, I should end up with a FG...
  4. homebrewdad

    Pushing the Limits: a 90% Crystal Malt Beer

    A silly idea occurred to me not long ago - how much crystal malt can I put into a beer? Today's post is about taking a good thing to silly extremes. This is the first in what I hope will be a fun little series of posts where I push the limits of various aspects of brewing.
  5. homebrewdad

    Today is the final entry deadline for the BrewUnited Challenge!

    If you still haven't entered, this is your absolute last chance for a shot a nearly eight thousand dollars worth of prizes in this year's BrewUnited Challenge. Headline prizes are a 7 gallon Chronical Fermentor from SS Brew Tech and a loaded 10 gallon Spike Brewing kettle from HomeBrewSupply...
  6. homebrewdad

    The BrewUnited Challenge Entry Deadline is Here! $8k in prizes!

    After receiving our shipment from the AHA (our latest sponsor, and one of the biggest in terms of dollar value), the 2016 BrewUnited Challenge is up to a mind boggling almost $8000 worth of prizes! However, the hard entry deadline is upon us, and the remaining spots are limited (in some...
  7. homebrewdad

    The BU Challenge is now about 75% full, prizes are up to $7500...

    We are now down to fewer than 100 spots left of our 500 entry cap for this year's BrewUnited Challenge (which is now above $7500 worth of prizes to give away). The American Beers Division is even closer to full, with fewer than ten spots left! Also, you have about four hours as of this posting...
  8. homebrewdad

    The BU Challenge is now about 75% full, prizes are up to $7500...

    As of today, the SMaSH category is completely full for the 2016 BrewUnited Challenge. I will be setting up a wait list for those who would still like to enter it; last year, we had several cancellations, so if you missed the initial entry period, all is not yet lost. Our American beers...
  9. homebrewdad

    BrewUnited Challenge is getting full, the prizes are getting crazy!

    The 2016 BrewUnited Challenge is now about 70% full. We are down to only one spot left for SMaSH beers, and the American Division isn't far behind that. The prize list continues to get crazier - we're up to nearly $7500 worth of prizes. Beer doesn't have to be to the judges until...
  10. homebrewdad

    My Son Went to Germany... and All I Got Was This Awesome Drinkware

    My eighteen year old son just got home from a six week trip to Germany. He brought thoughtful gifts home to everyone in the family, but Dad made out the best of all. He gave me a killer drinking horn with a pewter dragon on it, as well as an absolutely beautiful stein. if you care to see...
  11. homebrewdad

    Win Fabulous Prizes - the 2016 BrewUnited Challenge

    If you care to read about them, the official prize page is now up for review.
  12. homebrewdad

    Win Fabulous Prizes - the 2016 BrewUnited Challenge

    Last year's BrewUnited Challenge - with its funky ingredient requirements and awesome prizes - was a huge success. The 2016 incarnation has been open for entries for about ten days now; I've been debating on whether to post about it here at HBT, but decided that it ought to be appropriate to do...
  13. homebrewdad

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Sure, I'll enter. I think that the American Ale (all grain) looks like fun.
  14. homebrewdad

    More exBEERiments regarding temp control?

    I'm a huge supporter of Brulosophy. I love what Marshall does over there, and I promote his efforts on an ongoing basis. But I never agreed with this one. He tends to use very clean, forgiving strains of yeast in his beers. Earlier this year, I split up a batch of Irish red ale using...
  15. homebrewdad

    Bringing yeast back from the dead...

    To those who say that liquid yeast more than a few months old is dead, I say "neener neener". I recently spun up some WLP037 that was nearly a year old, and it's doing great. Full post here, with pics and video.
  16. homebrewdad

    A beginning kegging guide

    Yeah, I felt like he did a really nice job. It's been interesting reading some of the conversations around the post, too - I feel like I may manage to avoid some of the gotchas others have run into.
  17. homebrewdad

    A beginning kegging guide

    Yesterday, I was at the reddit homebrewing sub, and saw a guy make this long, detailed reply about what you need to get started with kegging. He referenced the fact that it was a long copypasta of his, and it just struck me that it was so good, so thorough, that it needed to be formatted up as...
  18. homebrewdad

    Review: magnetic bottle opener from Hannison Woodworks

    I'm totally fine with that.
  19. homebrewdad

    Review: magnetic bottle opener from Hannison Woodworks

    Hannison Woodworks has done of great job of "giving back" - they are sponsoring the reddit homebrewing competition for the second straight year, and are also sponsoring the BrewUnited Challenge this year. For the BU challenge, they are giving three winners their choice of a custom tap...
  20. homebrewdad

    no carbonation after bottle conditioning

    I concur. You did not kill the yeast. People successfully culture yeast from bottle conditioned beers all the time, and those beers can be rather old - and are often treated horribly in distribution warehouses (100 degree F is very common). Odds are excellent that you simply forgot the...